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5 Rising Acts To Watch At Tiny Giant Artist Collective’s Summer Bummer

Chris Rotolo June 21, 2013 Features No Comments

SumThis weekend the massive network of tri-state area outfits and artists known as the Tiny Giant Artist Collective will embark on its inaugural Summer Bummer, a multi-day and multi-venue music festival slated to play out at such storied Garden State venues as Asbury Lanes, Maxwell’s, The Court Tavern, and The Lamp Post in Jersey City.

Though the festival kicks off on Friday evening at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick with such SIMGE favorites as The Humbolts, Science, Paper Streets, and France, and continues on Sunday at Maxwell’s and The Lamp Post with Morning, Vasudeva, Pour The Pirate Sherry, Reese Van Riper, Slow Moves, The Dark Matters, and Sara, Saturday will act as the main draw with a full day of music kicking off at noon with 22 performances scheduled on the docket.

Below you’ll find SIMGE’s top picks amongst the mass of talent at Asbury Lanes that are not to be missed.

The Everymen

Tuckerton, NJ’s The Everymen are the epitome of Rock N’ Roll, providing an eclectic mix of sax-doused compositions for an audience of various tastes that’s recently drawn attention from such Indie-Punk luminaries as Titus Andronicus and the So So Glos.  SIMGE tapped The Everymen back in May to headline a showcase at The Saint in Asbury Park, leaving one member of the sweat-drenched and weak legged congregation to remark “I’ve never actually seen anyone dance at this place before.”  And that’s the effect selections from The Everymen’s 2012 LP New Jersey Hardcore hasinfesting the human temple, swarming up and down the spinal chord, delivering chaotic messages to the nerve endings and forcing rhythmic spasms that make even the worst dancehall crasher (namely me) seem like they belong…or, at least, you’ll be engulfed in so much fun no one will notice you lack moves.  Stream The Everymen’s “Boss Johnny & The Get Lucky” below:

Cinema Cinema

The Brooklyn-based duo of barbarous Punk proportions sits on the cusp of Indie-Rock radioactivity, tapping into a vein, a spirit, and a tsunami wave of mosh pit mutilation we first saw crest in the Seattle suburbs back in the 90s.  Pulling from such influences as Bleach-era Nirvana, and the Washington, DC Punk scene of the ’80s, Cinema Cinema construct a wall of sound as destructive and emotionally jarring as a brick through the windshield of an unjust police cruiser.   Cinema Cinema has rekindled a revolutionary fire set decades ago and its captured the attention of FLAG, the recently reformed faction of former Black Flag members, who tapped the Brooklynites for a pair of shows in their hometown earlier this month.  Stream a cut from the band’s 2012 LP Manic Children & The Slow Aggression below:

Those Mockingbirds

In a single late night set at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, the genre-hopping Rock collective that is Those Mockingbirds drew comparisons to both Nirvana and The Arcade Fire, and it’s this amalgamation of influences and diverse sounds that frontman and primary songwriter Adam Bird prides himself on.  “As a songwriter I end up as a fan of a lot of different music and musicians,” said Bird in an interview with SIMGE, “and that comes through in our music. The fact is would get really bored if I kept writing songs that sounded the same. At shows what we hear most is how different we sound and it sticks with us because its always said to us in a good way.  That helps us to continue to push boundaries.”  The extension of this artistic bindings led the Montclair outfit to produce Fa Sol La, a 2011 EP that ended up SIMGE’s end of the year list.  Keep your eyes pealed for Those Mockingbirds follow up LP to that album and stream a cut from the short from collection below.

Holy City Zoo

Holy City Zoo is an outfit of ferocious tendencies bred from the unifying notion embedded within the New Brunswick underground where this Hardcore-Punk collective honed its ravenous craft and filled the pit in an audience’s stomach left by the absence of The Refused.  Successive sister collections in 2012’s Nobody Sells For Less, which landed on SIMGE’s top 18 EPs of 2012 list, and Everybody Sells For More, which dropped on January 4th of this year, are captivating exhibitions in the diversity of gnarled compositions ranging in homage and subject matter from “Givin’ Him The Business”, a reference to the famed 2007 NCAA football penalty call by referee Ron Cherry, to “Karmatosed” and its blunt condemnation of an artificial existence.  Themes and allusions are both light and heavy, as opposed to the instrumentation, which is a fighter jet caught in a swirling nose dive of twisted exhilaration.  Stream a track from Holy City Zoo below:

Janet LaBelle

On Saturday, amongst the musical wreckage, Hardcore barrages, walls of destruction, and Nirvana influences will reside the candy-coated underbelly provided by the Brooklyn-based and New Jersey-bred Janet Labelle.  A talented craftswoman of melodious Pop productions, LaBelle will expound on such topics as lovely dreamscapes, as found in her 2013 single “Wide Awake Dreaming”, admissions of emotional heartache, and the type of man who can make flowers grow in her eyes and love swell in her heart.  Check out LaBelle’s new music video for “Wide Awake Dreaming” below:

Check out the full schedule of events with time slots for this weekend’s Tiny Gian Artist Collective Summer Bummer below:

NOTE: Cinema Cinema is slated for a 1 a.m. set at Asbury Lanes.


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