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Advance Review: Wreaths – Mr. Fang, Stream “Fumblin’ Dice”

Zaza Lipsoidiac January 9, 2015 New Music, Reviews No Comments


At once novel and new, yet strangely familiar, Wreaths‘ EP, Mr. Fang, rolls out lushly, opening with “Dog Dreams”. Sheets of guitar driven riffs bolstered by washes of synth sounds provide a background to the hazy vocals. The mood and sound softens slightly with “Traced and Hazed” where the swirling synth melody compliments the insistent beat.

Moving into “Carolina” the guitars take the lead again in a slow drawl backed with dreamy, slightly distant vocals. Ending with “You will never forget my love” a big, beaty stomp that features a dissonant chorus and a lyric that could be read as being as much of a threat as a promise.

Shades of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized are here in the languorous, slow and dreamy atmospherics. The garage-y feel of the production is more than compensated for by the tight songwriting and excellent musicianship.

Wreaths have made their own version of a genre whose actual, truly memorable high points are really kind of few and far between. For me this is one of those points.

Mr. Fang hasn’t been cleared for posting quite yet, but we do have the finalized version of “Fumblin’ Dice” below.

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