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SIMGE On The Scene: After the Burn, Dirty & Modern Crowds rocked Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd August 30, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments
I have to put full disclaimer in here from the get go. I have been distracted for the past 20 minutes by John Mayer’s, Covered in Rain, it is quite a change of direction from the stylings of Happy Mondays photos I am currently going through. This week was a banger!
The tunes came straight out of the gate with openers After the Burn. They wasted no time putting in their rapid fire brand of rock, and proved to be all that was needed to whip the place into a frenzy and prep us for the Wonder Bar debut of Dirty. I have seen Jay Monday a bunch of times, but I knew there was something else to him that I had not seen. Something more, something bigger. I got my wish to catch him in his natural element with the new configuration of Dirty. Rock-n-Roll. Pure, hard, straight ahead and into your gut. Can I get a Yee Ha! They bill themselves as a Glam rock band. I am just calling it good old fashion, get em up head banging rock. This was their fourth show as a unit, their debut back in July found them opening for LA Guns. They will be planning shows for the fall so stay tuned!
 Following up on the debut of their self-titled release, Modern Crowds took us home for the night. Festivities ended around 11:00, early is OK. There was a whole bunch of music going on in what seemed like a short span of time. Another great start to the week.
The choice selections from the evening:
After the Burn
AftertheBurn828_PShepherd-10 AftertheBurn828_PShepherd-14 AftertheBurn828_PShepherd-20 AftertheBurn828_PShepherd-26 AftertheBurn828_PShepherd-29 AftertheBurn828_PShepherd-38 AftertheBurn828_PShepherd-40 AftertheBurn828_PShepherd-48 AftertheBurn828_PShepherd-50 AftertheBurn828_PShepherd-59
Dirty828_PShepherd-9 Dirty828_PShepherd-19 Dirty828_PShepherd-38 Dirty828_PShepherd-40 Dirty828_PShepherd-55 Dirty828_PShepherd-69 Dirty828_PShepherd-73 Dirty828_PShepherd-78 Dirty828_PShepherd-86 Dirty828_PShepherd-93
Modern Crowds
ModernCrowds828_PShepherd-8 ModernCrowds828_PShepherd-15 ModernCrowds828_PShepherd-30 ModernCrowds828_PShepherd-31 ModernCrowds828_PShepherd-33 ModernCrowds828_PShepherd-39 ModernCrowds828_PShepherd-57 ModernCrowds828_PShepherd-60 ModernCrowds828_PShepherd-66 ModernCrowds828_PShepherd-70


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