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Feature: Breaking Down Airacuda’s Daydreaming EP

Phil Shepherd April 22, 2016 New Music, Reviews No Comments


I have seen Airacuda live quite a few times so I am fairly familiar with their music and who they are as people. However, after listening to their latest release I would have pegged them for a band from the UK. Maybe that time in London heavily influenced them, but this is a great mix of American styles overlapping their own.

The group dropped Awakenings during the last week of February. The six track offering is a masterfully executed story of what is means to be a small band with hopes of breaking it big and the trials and tribulations that occur when a group of individuals dedicate their life to a common goal. Mixing present days sounds with hints of a classic 70’s vibe you get the feeling the boys penned these tunes while driving down California’s coastal highway in a VW van covered in rainbows and blooming flowers. Beautiful old souls in these present day indie-pop rockers.


The dreamy opener starts simply with slight and soft piano, a quick crescendo builds into an anthem like feel with booming drums and killer guitars before breaking back down to the acoustic to take us into the title track.


Life on the road, isolated. It all becomes a mirage, a slight loss of reality with the real world while maintaining sanity within your own. Can you return? Will it be normal?

Paper Candy

Perhaps the catchiest track and the one that amplifies the feel of the whole release. A dreamy, California style, laid back groove.  I have found myself singing this song at the oddest times and out of nowhere.

Sounds of Yesterday

The lovelorn problems of a relationship with a musician. Hits that will never go away, missing home. It is a special life bands lead, sacrifices to be made.

Days like Kings

Their influences heavily stand out in this seven-minute story. Will they reach the top, what will it feel like? Just one break is all that is needed. So close, yet so far. How far to take it before enough is enough? That question will haunt every band with serious aspirations.

What is Real

The EP concludes asking what is real, my world or yours. “Close your eyes, let the two worlds collide”. There is a Zen moment we all must achieve, a journey we all must travel, whatever path we take helps to decide our destiny, desired or not.


I sent the boys a few questions to answer about their experiences and some future dates:

Just wanted to say great job with the release. You recorded this at Telegraph Hill Records. Can you offer a few words on the recording process for us?

Recording at Telegraph Hill Records is always a great time for us. The owner of the studio, Joseph Pomarico, is also our manager/producer so we’ve spent a lot of time at Telegraph in the past. It’s the perfect environment for getting song ideas out. It’s located in the heart of Holmdel, NJ, surrounded by trees and all kind of greens. There are very little distractions and we were able to work at our own pace without any stress. I don’t think we could have finished this EP at any other studio.

Is there one distinct difference between recording here vs. your time in London? I can see you guys doing really well over there.

The entire process was different. We arrived in London on a Sunday and on Monday we were in the studio.  We only had 5 days in the studio to record the 9 songs for the Album. We worked Monday through Friday waking up at 7 am and going to sleep around 2 am. By the last couple hours of the Friday session we were running on fumes, but we had everything tracked. We then played a show at an amazing venue called the Borderline on Saturday night. After the show, we got to celebrate a bit but then it was time to leave Sunday morning.

We look back on that week all the time and ask ourselves did that really happen? It was the fastest, most exciting week of our lives.

The Daydreaming EP was the complete opposite of the London sessions. When we recorded the first Album we basically just recorded the first 9 songs that we as a band had down. (Cannonball, the single, was actually written about a week before we left for London) When it came to pick the Daydreaming songs we went with 6 songs from a pool of about 15. This was back in 2013. We then spent close to a year perfecting the songs and figuring out exactly how we wanted them to sound. With Daydreaming we were trying to have the songs fit together conceptually and tell our band’s story at the same time.

Recording in Jersey compared to London was simply calmer and I think that’s what helped get the ideas for Daydreaming out of our heads.

I have to ask, who writes your Bios? They’re kick ass.

Our Bios are written by our good friend Mary Grace Garis. She’s been going to our shows since we first started out as a band so she was able to tell our story from an audience member’s perspective. She’s just all around an amazing writer. She’s currently living in Brooklyn working as a journalist and does some freelance work too. If you know anyone that is in need of a bio they should hit her up. She does great work.  itsmarygrace@gmail.com

The band sounds very cohesive, what are your plans going forward?    

Well, we’ve hit a little road bump as a band. One of our founding members, Eddie Ruddick, is not a US citizen and his visa is running out. He has to leave the Country in July for 6 months to a year. This obviously has made booking shows and figuring out where we want to go as a band both confusing and difficult.

Currently, we are back at Telegraph recording as many of our songs as we can before Eddie gets shipped back to England. Once he goes back we will still be working together by sending each other tracks and finishing up the songs. We will be releasing them one by one as singles throughout the year to keep our fans interested.

Besides the recording, we have a few shows left to perform before Eddie goes back and a couple we will have to do without him since they were booked before we found out he had to leave.

May 17th we’ll be in Philly playing a house show (message us for the address)

May 30th we will be at the Wonder Bar for a Memorial Day Happy Monday

June 3rd we are playing what will most likely be Eddie’s goodbye show in Asbury Park at Langosta Lounge

Besides those shows, we are also playing at the ABCCL All-Star Game in Lakewood at the Blue Claws stadium in July.  After that, we are heading to Wisconsin in August to perform as the second headliner at the Hart & Soul Music Festival.

We will most likely not be performing under Airacuda if Eddie isn’t around, but our members will be in Asbury playing solo gigs all the time.

Check out this link for Matt Menges’ solo dates


This one for Matt Fern’s solo dates


And here is Telegraph Hill Record’s Page in case anyone is looking to get some recording done.


Any recent Backgammon matches to brag about?

No Backgammon games but our guitarist Fern loves to play chess. He welcomes all challenges to send him a match on the phone app Chess With Friends.

I have seen you a few times at Happy Mondays. Have you scheduled a return date yet?

May 30th! We’re playing the Memorial Day Happy Monday. It’ll be one of our last shows together before Eddie Leaves.

Finally, what is your favorite song from the release and why?

I’ll have to go with “Days Like Kings.” It was written by our frontman Matt Menges. (Eddie also has some songwriting credits on the track) The song is our longest one yet at 7:02. It is basically about Airacuda’s story from the time we arrived in London to when we started working on Daydreaming. It’s also one of our more creative tracks with backwards violins, multiple guitar solos, and our first attempt of using the organ in our music.

Be sure and check out Daydreaming here.

See you on the road!


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