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Album Review: Anna Altman – Freightliner

Brianne Addison May 1, 2017 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Anna Altman

Photo Credit: Paloma Arias

Jump aboard the boxcar and take a journey through Anna Altman’s LP, Freightliner, a colorful blur of sporadic images and ghostly glitches. The album, guided by Lucia Arias’s rhythmically invigorating vocals, is said to conjure up images of blurry scenery, as in a fast moving car or train, and it certainly does invoke such sensations. One can almost feel warm air whipping across their face in “The Interview”, a tweaked out, acoustic harmony, paired with vocals as delicate as rose petals and light drums pattering in the background like the measured timing of wheels on a train track.

“Never” reminds you of all the sensational roads you’ve ever traveled; the ones that peaked your interest, but cautioned you from leaving the safety of your car. Heavy drums and ferociously demanding vocals mix with breathy guitar in this piece which ebbs and flows with calamity and tension. The transitions are noteworthy. The artists are able to go from mellow vocals and lithic guitar to full flushed power drums and grueling vocals, smooth as butter melting on toast.

“American Gothic” mixes 90’s garage grunge with glossy indie. The instruments, restless at times, serve as a backdrop for Arias’s velvety voice. Wavy transitions make for an eerily fascinating track; a mashup up of guitar, drums, and vocals swirl in a musical blender before jerking back into the clear-cut, vocal-lead harmony.

“Freightliner” is a wavy, instrumental track, powerful and hypnotic. It’s a short song, a little under two minutes, full of fuzzy guitar and heavy drums with the power to transport you into nebulous dimensions.

Listening to Anna Altman is like taking a slow ride in the backseat of a kooky car. You don’t know where the album will take you, but that’s the reason why you listen. It’s the peculiar mystery that ensnares the senses and you’ll find yourself enjoying the tracks which border on the edge of eerie consciousness. Listen and wander down bizarre places on a long and hazy road.

Anna Altman’s Freightliner is out now digitally and on cassette via Exploding In Sound Records.

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