Album Review: Earth Girls – Wanderlust

Chelsea Conte September 12, 2016 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Earth Girls

Earth girls are the best girls, and I only say this because I’ve never met an intergalactic being (although “I want to believe” and I am eagerly waiting for contact, get at me).

But these Earth Girls, who hail from Chicago, IL, just released their debut full-length record titled Wanderlust on August 12th and it’s truly outta this world. From start to finish the record is a tight 21 minutes full of jangly guitars and catchy riffs.

Earth Girls pull inspiration from 60’s and 70’s power pop and meld it with garage punk tunes to create a sound so bodacious you can’t sit down while listening. Vocalist/guitarist Liz Panella has the ability to jump from one song to the next creating hook after hook.

The album starts off with “I Thought You Knew” sounding like a mix of Veronica Falls meets Peach Kelli Pop. The harmonies are so on point, warm and fit together beautifully. There is no lag time between each track, making the album feel like one lengthy dance party. Wanderlust is just chock full of treats.

“Don’t Let Go” is another killer track that features twee vocals, raucous drums and raw guitar. The single, “Say Goodnight” sounds like a throwback tune revamped and spit out as delightful bubblegum pop. It’s refreshing and familiar. Earth Girls really know how to make a first impression.

?Earth Girls have given us a delicious 12-song record that doesn’t stop delivering hits. Hooky and catchy with equally as thought out lyrics, the band has created something that sounds effortless throughout. It’s easy to overlook the complexity of the record due to its length and sound, but it’s packed with thought out placement of chords, sounds and meaning.

Like I said before, Earth girls are the best ones. Earth Girls are Liz Panella, Joey Kappel, and Antonio Holguin III. Pick up a copy of their album today via Grave Mistake Records and just try to resist the urge for bubble gum and leather jackets afterwards.

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