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Album Review: Eric Slick – Palisades

Mike Mehalick April 24, 2017 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Eric Slick

Review by: Brianne Addison

Like being tucked under warm ocean waves, Eric Slick’s new LP- Palisades- will pull you under layers of waves and nestle you in a bosom of self-reflection. You’ll find familiarity in each one of his songs; emotions trudged up from the pits of your being, if not from the lyrics, then from the overwhelmingly heavy tone of the instruments. The LP is made up of members Eric Slick (Dr. Dog, Lithuania), Andy Molholt (Speedy Ortiz, Laser Background), Ricardo Lagomasino (Lithuania, Capillary Action), and Alexandra Spalding (Avers); the talent is palpable.

The LP begins by kicking down the door and bellowing hot steam into the air with “You Became The Light.” A heavily instrumental and downright murky piece guided by ghostly vocals that gently wail, “You became the light, you became the light.” This song reminds one of the first steps during meditation, when the mind is still buzzing like an active hive; the more you try to quiet the thoughts, the angrier the hive becomes.

The album moves right along into “The Dirge”, a prominently acoustic song with perky drums and playful vocals. “You won’t see me again, so I’ll leave you here.” This sounds like a song about change, about leaving familiarity and comforts; branching out and experiencing the morphism that takes place in your psyche.

The title track takes the listener to a space of psychedelic serenity. It’s an ethereal song, with liquid instrumentals oozing in between crystallized vocals, freakishly surreal and frustratingly beautiful. Even the lyrics are dreamlike, “She is not the same when she’s drinking all the rain.”

“Evergreen” is akin to music of the 60’s, a psychedelic show tune ushering the listener into different stages of this one-song- musical debut. It’s a really lovely and utterly intriguing track, quite different from any of the other songs on the album.

Palisades is an homage to therapy, mysticism, and overall self-exploration. The LP is akin to listening to an audio cassette where Slick is speaking to himself in riddles and reminders that only he can understand, but which strike a chord of comprehension in each of our minds.

The album ends in artistic brilliance with “Into The Void”. A dreamy hallucination floating amongst the clouds on a foggy day. Gentle percussions like the pattering of rain and melodic vocals entwined swinging like an exotic pendulum, the listener will want to drown in the unearthly magic of this song.

The album’s name, Palisades, belongs to a parkway in New York and has no other meaning than being that of a parkway. Slick goes on to explain that, during mediation, strange thoughts have a tendency to pop into the head with no rhyme or reason as to why. Given this explanation, there begins to form a sort of meaning to the name of this LP.

Sometimes it happens that the most random images stick with us. During meditation, when these random images spring into our minds we are encouraged to “mediate” on them before whisking them away into oblivion. Through this method, we can grow inwardly and delve into deeper forms of consciousness.

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