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Jordan Schursky February 1, 2013 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Eryn Non DaeComplex and layered, France’s Eryn Non Dae’s Meliora steps away from the normalcy of metal structuring, and goes straight for what really matters. Meliroa is a grossing effort that had me hooked from the start. This by no means is a heavy record, but what it lacks in volume it certainty makes up in veracity. The emotional intensity on Meliora is raw and unrelenting. The gratification comes from the band’s fearfulness to take risks – especially in a scene over-saturated with breakdowns, blast beats and atmospheric passages common in post-metal.

This latest entry by Eryn Non Dae comes at an interesting reflection point in their history as evidenced in an interview with This Is Not A Scene:

“Sometimes I think that Metal Blade was looking for the next Gojira as they signed two others french bands with us so I guess that was the first Gojira effect, french bands are getting more attention since Gojira. We’re often asked about that but excepted that fact I don’t know if it changes anything for French bands, as every country we always had good and shitty bands, so the fact that we have now more attention is for sure a pleasant thing since we are now more confident with saying that we’re french but I still hope that a band is judged on his music more than other things…Gojira is playing since almost 15 years now and nothing can replace that hard work that made them become what they are now.”

While Meliora kicks off with a great start, especially with “The Great Downfall,” and the catchy “Scarlett Rising,” the album however, has the tendency to drag its feet as it reaches its conclusion. I did feel the album suffered from some identity issues at times. Was the album aiming for a tech-metal approach evident in “Ignitus” or post-metal shown in “Black Obsidian Prye?” The album is bleak, diving into themes of isolation and depression, it holds nothing back. And that is what I think is the strongest aspect of Meliora, its honesty and raw intensity.

Meliora is carefully constructed and warrants repeat listens. Like other such concerted efforts, this album has the potential to take on whole new meanings with every spin. I suggest you take a trip down into Eryn Non Dae’s Meliora and see for yourself.

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