Album Review: Ghost B.C. – Infestissumam

Jordan Schursky June 3, 2013 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Ghost B.C.Hailing from the far reaches of Sweden comes the anonymous Ghost B.C. – a band whose identities remain a mystery. Using stage names and costumes taken straight from the blueprint of Kiss and Gwar, Ghost B.C. crafts an unique sound that may shock most listeners. Not for the extremity you would associate their imagery with, but the opposite. The image of Ghost corresponds perfectly with their origin, a country known for the extreme music and ABBA, but instead, musically Ghost fits in the realm of 70s rock bands, notably Boston and Black Sabbath – just with more Satan.

Their latest effort, Infestissumam, is a fun album. It rocks, and doesn’t sound like anything else out now. The opening track gives a perfect taste of what’s to come. With the opening clerical chanting to the final riff that echoes out perfectly, the next track “Per Aspera Ad Inferi” begins before you realize the intro is finished and gets right into it. Once the vocalist, appropriately named Papa Emeritus II, begins, it’s a huge surprise the vocal talent this guy has and it comes out of left field. I mean look at this guy. Seriously, look at him. Google him, I’ll wait…I know right? Now picturing that guy doing the vocals of this band – shocking.

Despite the theatrics of Ghost, Infestissumam, is a listen worthy of your time. I will say some of the riffs can be cheesy at times. For instance, the opening keyboards of “Secular Haze,” makes me think I’m in a circus. And perhaps that is the goal of Ghost. A lot of folks look at them as a joke.

Why the anonymity? Why the theatrics? I mean, these guys maybe the new Kiss or the new Slipknot – just actually listenable. I recommend “Jigolo Har Megiddo.” You can try and catch Ghost playing at the Musical Hall of Williamsburg on July 28th in Brooklyn.

Also, I am 100% convinced the members of Ghost B.C. are actually ex-members of ABBA.

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