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Album Review: Gurr – In My Head

Chelsea Conte October 27, 2016 New Music, Reviews No Comments


Gurr’s undeniable likeability and feisty pep pulse throughout the songs on their debut LP, In My Head. The duo hails from Berlin where they met at school and became the best of friends. Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee decided to hitchhike around the UK for a while where the idea behind Gurr was born.

They pulled inspiration from people they met along their journey, inside jokes and how they perceive the world. The end result is fierce first wave gurrlcore as they like to call it, with influence from riotgrrrl culture with their own spin, mixing poppy 60’s girl group, garage rock tunes into one.

You can’t deny the influence that the West Coast had on the duo, with both of them spending time in the United States. They took a liking to the surf sound and infused it in their music. In My Head is a hell of a bodacious record with track after track getting stuck in your head. It is honestly non-stop fun.

In My Head takes off with “Breathless” having heavy slick surf undertones and vibes similar to that of Bratmobile meets La Luz meets Bleached. With dreamy backup vocals and desirable riffs it’s so east to listen to over and over. “Breathless” is about giving in and having fun, letting your nights and mornings fade into one. Trust me you’re going to want to hang out with this band when you’re done listening to the LP. “#1985” has ripping harmonies, with the duo singing about drinking, hanging around and the guy they always see at the bar that’s, “the last one to go home.” The way that the duo writes and delivers tracks seems so effortless. They have the ability to tell a story that not only makes you want to keep listening but also get up and dance with your friends.

“Moby Dick” takes on a slower course but it’s still sharp. It’s a mellow lo-fi tune with clean bright guitars and a killer harmony. “Walnuss” has a prominent echo-y guitar sound and some cool German lingo thrown in. “Yosemite” is a punked out version of the Bangles. It’s about love had and lost and you can hear a more somber tone taking flight, with heavy bass and engaging back up vocals. “Free” is a synchronized wonderland with both voices melding together as one, distorted guitar and threats like “I’m coming for you” being sung out. “Klartraum” features more of a call and response set up with guttural vocals and big drums. “Rollerskate” is one of my favorite tracks on the record. It sounds like a revamped B-52’s song and you need to bounce around for its entirety. “Diamonds” has this really powerful feel to it. It’s confident and strong with both vocalists complimenting each other so well and a crunchy breakdown a third of the way through.

Gurr’s In My Head couldn’t have a more aptly named title. The album is sure to stick with you even if you only commit time to one track. From start to finish the album is raw, wild and fun with influences pulled in from all over the globe. It’s the kind of album that you need to blast for getting ready on a Friday night in anticipation of what’s ahead. I can’t wait for more from this duo. Be sure to check their album out now via Duchess Box Records.

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