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Album Review: Human Kitten – y tywysog bach

Luke Henderiks July 18, 2014 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Human KittenAs the small and loving folk punk scene progresses over the 21st century, one can never forget the contributions by seminal groups such as Andrew Jackson Jihad,  Defiance, Ohio and Mischief Brew. They’ve been taking over the ear drums of your local crust punk or your yuppie neighbor from Philadelphia for years.

Now we look forward to the newest, most important calling to this scene in one individual named Elijah Llinas.

Elijah Llinas is a folk singer from Maryland that tackles on very important ideas such as racism, anti-capitalism, feminism, and mental illness.  He has been an influence to a large amount of teenagers that have found him on the internet or at a show.  He has released some great folk records such as Eumoirous, Human Kitten, Manic Pixie Dream Boy and now 2014’s y tywysog bach.

This record is an instant essential for teenagers and adults that struggle with depression and anxiety.  Elijah seems to try and act as a relatable soul for such illnesses through music which I personally find outstanding.   His simple take on songwriting makes it easy to understand such deep concepts that he writes about.

Songs like “I’m Trash” and “Wearing Cologne Alone” are bouts of angst and depression, then “Chicago” goes through topics such as addictive personalities and obsession, while “Defend Top Bunk” tackles on how Elijah’s condition is getting to him to a point where he can’t write political songs, left can only write songs about his mental conflicts.

If you like Andrew Jackson Jihad, Nana Grizol, Ghost Mice and Front Porch Step, you’ll love Human Kitten’s y tywysog bach

Get the record here (http://music.humankitten.com/album/y-tywysog-bach)

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