Album Review: Mad Feather Group – King Likeness

Victoria Race March 5, 2015 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Mad Feather Group

King Likeness is the debut record from New Jersey-based band, Mad Feather Group. It was released in early February and consists of 8 lengthy tracks. Their laid-back and jaunty style is classified as “Freak-Adult Contemporary/ Heterochromia-Eyed Soul.”

The album begins with a dynamic song titled “Art Collector.” It’s the longest track and in my opinion, the perfect way to open up the album. The song’s modern vocals and clap track paired with string instruments immediately suck you in.

My favorite track is “Lightning Paper” because of it’s driving bass and drums. “Spittaking (In A Day)” is definitely the highlight of the whole record because of its groove and harmonizing, crisp vocals. “She Mouths The Psalm” is the shortest track on the record at only 2:37 in length. It has an alluring tempo and great lyrical story. Ironically, the album concludes with an upbeat track titled “Dead.”

Overall, I think this was an awesome debut for Mad Feather Group. This playful and lively record will leave you wanting more.

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