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Album Review: Modern Crowds – S/T

Brianne Addison August 9, 2017 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Modern Crowds

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Modern Crowds has done it again. They’ve created a compelling album brimming with mystical delight, sure to carry you off into a distant realm of hazy, psychedelic melodies. As you wander through this ten track album, you’ll feel as if you’re riding a wave of personal discovery and mindful experiences; 365 days of growth portrayed as earnest as a sunrise.

The album opens up with “Closer”—a percussion heavy storm, soaked with angst and reverberating with powerful indignation. The drums (courtesy of Charlie Kupulik) are a Viking battle cry, hauntingly strong and striking to the very core. Enter Joseph Pellegrinnelli’s ethereal voice which echoes like a supernatural siren between bouts of robust drumming and forceful guitar, momentarily soothing the explosions of instrumental brawling.

“Closer”, like each track on this album, is perfection to the ears. Made up of Adam Baczkowski (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Doug Gatta (Bass Guitar, Organ, Backing Vocals), Charlie Kupilik (Drums), and of course Joseph Pellegrinelli (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), the album unfolds henceforth into a gloriously righteous musical journey.

“I Don’t Mind” is where mid-Western-Indian folk meets grungy garage rock. It’s trippy, it’s calm and breezy. It’s running on the beach alone on a mist-filled morning when you can’t see two feet in front of you. The track is saturated in delicate transitions and glossy vocals. Sewn together with loopy, psychedelic guitar and soaring twangs of lucid dreams; a song with elements reminiscent of The Beatles.

“75” is a melodic folk melody that incorporates feathery piano with intricate guitar and soft vocals. The song is a long drive down an endless road laden with pine forest on either side. Drums patter in the background like droplets of rain upon a windshield. This is definitely one of the most simplistic songs on the album, and because of that, it is one of the most beautiful.

As always with Modern Crowds, one of their songs sounds like it belongs in a movie. “Eye of the Storm” is that song. It’s cinematic, exotic, and vast, reaching levels of musical balance that will be sure to tilt you off your axis. The vocals are perfectly harmonious; sirens from the depths of the ocean sent to seduce your senses. This track is, without a doubt, the most experimental song on the album. A fuzzy dream you won’t soon forget.

“Are You Awake” finishes up the album. A slower-paced tribute with soothing guitar and placid vocals. It has the vibe of well-worn nostalgia. A journey coming to an end; perhaps a bit sad, but also relieving.

This band is great at experimenting and mixing genres, and for that reason their tracks are often quite distinct from one another; something sorely lacking from so many albums today. With rock and roll nearly dead and gone, it’s refreshing and to hear a band produce such tight progressive rock.

Comprised of truly talented artists who possess the gift of composing damn good music. Buttery transitions, crisp instrumentals, and lyrics that whisk you into different snapshots of existence, Modern Crowds plays well beyond its years.

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