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Album Review: Os Noctàmbulos – Stranger

Brianne Addison September 9, 2016 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Os Noctàmbulos

Stationed in Paris, the band Os Noctàmbulos- which consists of Baldo (Drums), Coline (Bass), Valentin (Lead Guitar) & Nick (Vox/Rhythm Guitar) -emits a curious energy that encompasses a plethora of psych, surf, and garage. A 60’s vibe, hazy and smooth, with lyrics that always seem to teeter on the edge of some sort of tripped out nostalgia.

Their latest release, Stranger, is definitely an experimental album, and the thing is, it works…beautifully so. Nick’s voice haunts the soul. It howls through the night, aching to deliver glacial seclusion riddled with unrest, bleating out the woes of these peculiar times we live in, and shaking with passionate insanity.

The music is something out of a Tarantino-type film, peculiar and precise, it jolts us back into the jungle days of 60’s jubilance. The tracks carry a spurt of Country and massive amounts of garage/psych, all blended together with a sweeping amount of surf that carries us into the next track where we kneel down and pray for more.

Lead single, “Not Everyone” is a song for those who walk their own path- perhaps a winding path, covered in weeds- where strange gnome-like creatures sprinkle psychedelic faerie dust over your eyelids. It’s a song about people who think outside the box, who do not fit within the confines of society nor do they desire to. It’s a song about the forgotten people of the world, the hidden souls; the “shadows” who lurk in the dark, condemning corners of this Earth.

I think Stranger was a smart choice for the name of the latest album from Os Noctàmbulos as it depicts what one feels when listening to the tracks. You will not yet know whether or not to trust this music, but you’ll be mesmerized by that feeling uncertainty; obsessed with the darkness- in all its beautiful tragedy. Perhaps it will touch a dark corner within you.

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