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Album Review: Sharkmuffin – Tsuki

Chelsea Conte May 8, 2017 New Music, Reviews No Comments


So basically, what happens when you have a rad duo from Brooklyn b/w of the Jersey Shore pair up with an equally great backing band and they hit the road and tour the hell out of themselves? I’m sure you can fathom that what happens next is one hella good record.

The sophomore effort from Sharkmuffin titled Tsuki, is a surefire treat filled with Dana Scully, outer space, gnarly times, birds and big shots. The truth is out there: you need to hear this record. Tsuki starts off quickly with a short burst of a distorted “go have a fun time” being chanted into the distance. “Space Glow” asserts glorious harmonies and chord progressions that ensure interest in how the song plays out, with gruff screams and delicious reverb. “Jury Duty” is a driving track full of 60’s garage influence and faint keyboards dancing sweetly.

When you’re a big shot trying to make it to the top you get Sharkmuffin’s “Little Bird.” The song features some killer noise balanced against strong vocals and has an accompanying video that is just too good. “Puppy Love” hits the 90’s hard with a ripping bass line and all the emotions. “I Wanna Be You” is tasty and punchy with floaty background choruses and a hell of a lot of feeling. “Atama” is a truly interesting tune that stands out against the rest of the album due to its haunting nature, staying with you for the rest of the record.

Sharkmuffin is not only a wickedly talented and wild band, they pack a lot of power into a 15-song follow-up. The band is supremely tight and has a driving hooky sound that produces these intense little earworms that you never want to slip your mind. Thiessen and Kirch’s sound is comparable to an ice cold slushy of The Ronettes, Tacocat, Screaming Females, Chastity Belt and Nirvana. If you thought their first record was gold, just wait until your ears hear Tsuki.

“Too Much Fun” is going to be your theme song for the summertime. The breathy squeals and sunshiney “shoop shoops” that are uttered are just so perfectly placed. One of my favorite tracks off of Tsuki is “Scully is a Sharkmuffin.” Lyrically there isn’t much to the tune but the song as a whole is top notch. This jagged flailing guitar starts the song off with so much force and pushes the song harder and faster, hopefully right into Dana Scully’s ears.

From top to bottom Tsuki rocks harder than a margarita in being consumed while floating aimlessly away on a pool floatie. Sharkmuffin is Tarra Thiessen and Natalie Kirch. Check out Tsuki out via Little Dickman Records out on now.

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