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Chris Rotolo February 4, 2013 New Music, Reviews 1 Comment

Sink TapesNew Brunswick’s storied music community is one of covert operations carried out below the surface in sound proofed basements and concrete abodes.  These are not elitist tendencies used to hide away the fruits of DIY labor but essential measures to ensure the scene’s survival as a producer of ferocious Punk tunes and Alternative Rock concoctions.

The Hub City’s own Sink Tapes can be categorized as the latter, a four-piece fuzz cloud of like minded Noise auteurs who wear their influences pinned to the breast pockets of wrinkled polos and sloppy button downs.  The reference to these shirts isn’t merely a descriptor but a metaphor to more accurately depict what resides on the group’s debut LP Please Touch.

The 11-track followup to 2010’s Same Strange Dream is an exhibition in Sink Tapes evolution as songwriters maintaing the distorted and disheveled instrumental flow established on that inaugural offering, but flavor injected with a stream of alluring Pop missives…and Twin Peaks references.

“You ever been surprised before?” poses Special Agent Dale Cooper prior to the swirling firestorm of monotone melody and fret exploration that is “The Soul Is In The Kitchen”.  Yes…just not by not this band and its prowess for guiding the listener through snow-blanketed soundscapes such as “Same Stange Dream”, “Inward Bed”, and the jangly collegiate composition “Real Eyes” with syrupy poetics as beacons.  Combined with a stylistic payment of homage to The Velvet Underground in “Lou Is Cooler Than You”, distorted Sonic Youth-esque meddling on “Fairmount”, and sultry uptempo crunch bar Jesus & Mary Chain-type arrangements like “Space Jesus”.

Stream and download Please Touch below and stay tuned for a SIMGE premiere of Sink Tapes’ forthcoming single “Super Happy” coming on Wednesday.


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