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Sistine is a band that has been on my radar since their inception. Within such a short period of time, this young North Jersey-based quartet have truly proved themselves as a heavy-hitting local name is that ready to take the indie scene by storm. Introducing listeners to an intensified sound that is compatible within the same category as emo contemporaries like Head North, Balance & Composure and Citizen, the band’s debut EP, Right Now, I’m Numb Inside draws you in with five gripping tracks that will tear at your heartstrings and also help you keep your footing when you find yourself closer to the edge.

While the general tone of this record might appear to be too heart-wrenching to bear at first, what stands out about Right Now, I’m Numb Inside for me the most, is the brutal honesty that is conveyed throughout. Being captivated by this record’s relatable lines, and its crushing instrumentals is enough for me listen to it on a constant loop, and feel at peace.

Leading off, “Loose Ends,” is a desolate opening number that is lyrically captured through the haunting lines, “I say I’m desperate. But if I were, wouldn’t I feel settled by now?” For someone who has faced lingering moments of self-doubt on a frequent basis, I considered these lyrics to be extremely comforting. Within our darkest of times, we’ll always to have to deal with the anguish of hearing conflicting opinions from others on how we should live, or try to shrug off insecurities and anxieties that hold us back from excelling to our true potential. Its’ also within these moments where we find ourselves trying to pick up the pieces from our past selves, and focus more on “what could have been,” rather than move forward and break away from old habits.

However, at the same token, “Loose Ends” is a track that encourages us to hold onto the belief that: with each new day there will always be a new opportunity in life to find peace in our own way — as opposed to believing that we should settle for less once new challenges arise.

Following the mesmerizing nature of “Loose Ends,” the album’s leading single “Tired” unveils intensified moments of suspense that truly defines Sistine’s powerful instrumental approach. Infatuating listeners with atmospheric guitar leads that will guide you further into a dark, dwelling abyss, you could almost feel your heart beat in unison as soon as the drums kick in. Conveying overwhelming emotions of hopelessness and anxiousness as this song continues to build up, the chaotic tone of “Tired” truly captures how it feels when you’ve finally reached your breaking point.

Just like a calm after the storm, we take a break from the chaotic persona of the album’s first two tracks as we transition into the third song, “Grin.” And its within this comforting number, there is indeed a glimmering sense of hope. Captivated by the lines, “I’m as still young as I was back then,” I can find solace in knowing — whenever I feel nostalgic, I’ll always have a warm smile on my face, simply because of the fact that every single positive moment I tend to reflect back on has shaped who I was back then, and who I am today.

“Numbing” is an introspective track graces us with a tune that walks in the similar footsteps of “Grin.” Enlightening listeners with an blissful melody throughout, “Numbing” brings together the underlying theme of this record in full circle: while we are still breathing, and going through the motions on a daily basis, we are still prone to feeling inadequate by our past faults, and blooming uncertainties that get in the way of our path towards progress.

Last, but not least, Wind and Winter,” in an upbeat number that unleashes a compelling arrangement that concludes Right Now, I’m Numb Inside on a rising note. As this final track fades off into completion, I was completely satisfied, yet eagerly contemplative of what this group will offer up for their next release.

With this promising debut under their belt, I for one, can predict nothing, but great things in store for Sistine to come. After listening to Right Now, I’m Numb Inside from front-to-back, it is pretty clear that Sistine is a passionate group of young musicians who aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on the sleeve, and let their emotive delivery speak for itself.

Sistine’s debut EP, Right Now, I’m Numb Inside is now available digitally on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon. The band plans to release physical copies of this record in the coming weeks.

Not too long ago, Sistine also released a music video for their single, “Tired,” that you can check out below.

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