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Lucas Dalakian November 5, 2015 New Music, Reviews No Comments


I was so amped when I turned on this record just because I love the brand of power-pop being put out by Father Daughter Records. All of Something does not disappoint, in fact I bet you’ll listen to it a lot.

For those new to SPORTS, they are a college project from Gambier, Ohio in the vein of Cayetana, or something between Philly and Ohio sound-wise. There’s even some stuff in here that reminds me a bit of Hop Along vocally, especially the runs on “Harder.”

This release was recorded with DIY production guru Kyle Gilbride (Girlpool, Waxahatchee) in Philly, and it is completely on point. Let’s dive in!

The vibe of this record is upbeat, with a few exceptions for calculated breaths. But the beat is driving, with the drum and bass resembling some shoegaze stuff. This leaves plenty of room for the melodies through some creamy electric guitar leads and some really relatable, and inventive vocal lines.

The album kicks off with a more flowy track compared to the rest of the album. “Stunted” is an anthem, with repetitive (in a good way) lyrics, “This is where everything leads.” The mood evokes that intrinsic union of someone you have a history with, an all-roads-lead home motif.

“Saturday” is a really energetic song, some cool guitar feedback to build the choruses and fluid melodies throughout. This is the one that stuck in my head after a few listens. I feel like it’s Saturday morning when I hear it, even if it’s actually monday (which kind of stinks).

Throughout the album it’s really smart how the guitar lines follow, and almost harmonize, with the vocal lines. That’s how Getting On In Spite of You” opens up and the lyrical content really stands out on this song.

“Reality TV” is probably my favorite on the record. The verse melodies are masterfully done. The drum variations and stops set awesome grooves to compliment the vocals here, and the really great guitar melodies. I love the thoughtful lyrics as well, “Take my mind off the empty space in this heart of mine and I’ll take your mind off the empty space in your bed tonight.”

Get Bummed Out” pulls you in as the drops in with a tempo change. There’s some more of that really awesome vocal run stuff that makes this album so damn singable. These lyrics are super tight “And I drive around this stupid town, Building you up in my mind”.

“Clean Socks” is my roommate Kyle’s favorite song. This one’s a crier, so I get why he loves it. Some nice slide guitar to get into the sad mood.

All of Something finishes off with a banger. “The Washing Machine” really fun guitar lines, with a tone borrowed from the previous track.

I really recommend that anyone that’s into the DIY punk scene check this record out, but SPORTS separate themselves enough for anyone to love these poppy jams. I know I’ll be listening to this record for a while, can’t wait to see what’s next from SPORTS!

Lucas Dalakian is the Guitarist for NJ’s tightest band, ROMP. Stream their latest EP, Sorry, Not Sorry, here.

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