Album Review: The Front Bottoms & GDP Display Jersey Pride On Record Store Day EP

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Front Bottoms

New Jersey has produced many good things over the years like pork roll, Bruce Springsteen, the New Jersey Devils, and the Sopranos. On April 18, more good things emerged from the Garden State.

On this year’s Record Store Day, New Jersey’s GDP and the Front Bottoms came together for a special 7-inch release title “Liberty and Prosperity 2015″, which featured two new songs by each artist.

GDP – a rapper from West Orange who who is described by Run For Cover records as “a lanky depressed asshole that is known to a few hundred kids for making drug raps with a bunch of degenerates. If you see him, kill him,” – kicks of the EP with the Wiz Khlifa- esque “Limousine”, the tale of a lonesome limo ride with “being crispy like the kettle cooked.” The song has a steady drum beat with some piano mixed in that is sure to make you bob your head as you listen.

The Front Bottoms close out Side A of the EP with the catchy “Wolf Man,” which sounds a little bit like The Cure’s “High,” mixed with the poetic vocal style Brian Sella. Guitarist Ciaran O’Donnell also shines on the track with a smooth riff that carries on throughout the song and helps drive home Sella’s lyrics especially after he sings “You are a broken heart tattoo I’ll have forever on my chest for a love that I have lost, but never could forget.”

When you flip the record over to the B Side, you are greeted with the Front Bottom’s “Handcuffs,” Sella sings about losing his temper and a cop losing his cool and the use of an entire can of pepper spray ensues. The song is vintage Front Bottoms as drummer Mathew Uychich unleashes a steady drum beat throughout the song along with Sella strumming away on the guitar and O’Donnell on trumpet.

GDP closes the EP with “Parking Garage,” which has a metallic beat which sounds like it’s being made by noises you’d hear inside a parking lot. He raps about starting from the bottom and being back to where he started, while talking about “sparkin’ a lot.”

After the release of two solid EP’s, this one and last year’s Rose EP, the stage seems to be set for the next Front Bottoms LP, which fans should now be more eager now than ever.

Hopefully we’ll hear more from TFB in the near future. For GDP, this EP could put him on the map and make him a rap artist you should know in 2015.

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