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Album Review: Thunderegg – C’mon Thunder

Zaza Lipsoidiac May 2, 2014 New Music, Reviews No Comments

ThundereggC’mon Thunder is the newest album from Thunderegg, the musical personification of Will Georgantas. It’s a lush recording filled with the kinds of characters one might find shuffling along a moonlit side street, marching to the beat of their own off kilter drum, the music covering styles as diverse as jangly guitar driven pop to gentle country tinged acoustic numbers.

Georgantas is a true wordsmith, having spent time in his career as a copy editor for Esquire magazine as well as a journalist for the prestigious Yale Herald. He has a writing degree from Columbia, and his love of both language and concise pop hooks are on display in each carefully crafted song that read like miniature worlds of emotion unto themselves.

While comparisons have been made with Beck and The Eels, I also find a kinship here to Elliot Smith, another wry observer of human nature; and while Georgantas may share some of Smith ‘s tendencies towards acidic observations of the human spirit, on C’mon Thunder that snarky attitude is leavened with an upbeat, quirky overview and a joyfulness that was sometimes hard to find in Smith’s nihilistic songs.

‘We Kissed Again Then Ran Some More’ is filled with the kind of clever observational details that make the narrator feel human and vulnerable yet filled with the undeniable power of first love while “Write Me a Caption” is a breakup song, the title reflecting the anger and resentment the soon to be ex lover expresses towards the startled narrators superior money making ability.

Georgantas’s calm delivery and warm timbre remind me a lot of Brian Eno’s voice, the measured cadence a counterpoint to the swirling electronic washes or the fuzzed out pop rock, rising only to delineate with passion a key line or thought. His knack for turning a phrase, for choosing the precise words to wittily describe his rueful, penetrating observations is remarkable and make repeated listenings all the more rewarding and reflect a lifetime dedicated to words and language. If you’re looking for cerebral, well written and executed music with a slightly wistful, urban feel, look no further.

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