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Album Review – Wreaths – Wreaths

Zaza Lipsoidiac July 2, 2014 New Music, Reviews No Comments

wreathsWreath, noun, any ringlike, curving, or curling mass or formation.

Wreaths the eponymous album from Wreaths is a blast of psychedelic wonder. Filled with long, slow, stately jams, the album unwinds and immerses you in it’s peaceful glow. Fuzzed out guitars and dreamy vocals that characterize Psychedelic Rock are presented here in a perfect display of the form. Excellent songwriting and musicianship combine, bringing you a soft wave of sonic pleasure to surf along on. Shades of Pink Floyd and Spacemen 3 seem fairly apparent.

Highlights include the long psychedelic jams of “Goin’ Back To Haiti” and “The Designing Women Of Asbury Park”, the Pop hop of “Ruby” and the howling, mysterious closer “I Love Me, Dark Wizard”.

This is a textural and tonal masterpiece, unhurried and steady in its presentation. Filled out and augmented by oddly interesting acoustic details, the album unfurls naturally, it’s overall mellow feeling pushed along by the strong beats and distinctive guitar work.

Recorded in five different studios over the course of a years time, the production values are high and consistent on this album, enhancing and showcasing the balanced and harmonious meshing of instruments and vocals. It would be a perfect prescription for a midnight drive on a summer night, the gentle curling rhythms a companion to the hypnotic allure of a dark road and the soft rush of wind in your hair.

I was steadily impressed by the understated yet undeniable craftsmanship of each song in this set, every one is an individual gem on their own and collectively the whole album is nothing short of amazing. It took me back to a very specific time and place in my life, where almost anything was possible and the world seemed like a better and more magical place because of the music I was listening to at the time. This lush and melodic music will fill you with those feelings as well and that’s a good thing.

Wreaths is available now via Killing Horse Records. They also play Wonder Bar on July 5th along with gods, The Munsens, and Amy Malkoff and The Moonshines (Dark City Entertainment Presents).

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