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Asbury Lanes Is Under New Management

Chris Rotolo December 17, 2012 News 1 Comment

Asbury Lanes is under new management…

Speak Into My Good Eye can confirm a report by the AsburyParkSun made earlier today former General Manager Mike Lawrence is no longer at the helm of the Boardwalk’s premier 10-pin penthouse and music locale.

Two brothers who currently own Edgar’s Pub in Manasquan, Chris and Bob Fahey, assumed the managerial role of the lauded late night haunt two weeks ago and are in the process of becoming partners in the building as well as the business with current owners Patrick Fasano and Vincent Gilford; a fact of some importance that could allude to the future of the Asbury Lanes, according to Lawrence.

“Asbury Partners listed the Lanes as one of seven pieces of property that could still be taken by eminent domain and redeveloped in the next two to five years,” explained Lawrence. “Which leads me to believe that the new owners may have bought in because they want to acquire the property in two to five years.”

“They have more of interest in the future of the site, its redevelopment, and the liquor license attached to it than in the here and now.”

“We’ve been partners in bars and restaurants in New York City, but this is a whole new ballgame,” Bob Fahey told the AsburyParkSun. With regards to the vintage theme associated with the venue, “We don’t want to make any hasty decisions on it,” he concluded.

As for the immediate, the brothers would like to continue working with Little Death Collective, will honor the remaining slate of shows, and do plan to continue hosting live music events at the Lanes, but will try to expand on the genre of music presented.

“I have no issues with any of the new owners or managers,” said Lawrence. “They’re all very nice people and were honest with us from day one. You can’t ask for anything more that. However, there are just too many constraints on our future bookings that I’m just not into.”

Although Lawrence has cut ties with the venue, Little Death Collective may continue booking there in the future, and will seek out other area venues as well.

As for the future of the lanes, that remains to be seen. Money resides at the backbone of every business venture with no exceptions to music venues. Without the almighty dollar, doors don’t stay open. However, one thing is most definitely certain: The future of Asbury Lanes is no longer in the hands of those who made it one of Asbury’s finest houses of live music. Here’s to hoping that future is a long and illustrious one.

Stay tuned for more.

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