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SIMGE on the Scene: Sal Boyd, Colton Kayser, Doug Zambon + More Played Asbury Unplugged: December Edition

Phil Shepherd December 27, 2014 Asbury Music, Live, Reviews No Comments

Asbury Unplugged, a monthly convergence of acoustic performances held at the Wonder Bar and brought together by Dark City Entertainment went down on December 26th.  This month’s soloists included Tim Walsh, Chris Brown, Sal Boyd, Colton Kayser, Doug Zambon, Jimmy Farkas, Tara Dente, Chris Lecompte, Jeff Luke and Jay Monday.

Asbury Unplugged is great for its intimate, laid back setting and is a once a month, momentary step back from the full band sound, just the artist engaging with the crowd. Here are a few shots of each performer doing their own thing in their own way:

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