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Listen: Dollys Drop “Better Doctor”, Playing Asbury Lanes + Arlene’s Grocery

Photo Credit: Phil ShepherdcThe two track effort conjoined as one larger thought finds Dollys operating in a sweet spot with a Courtney Barnett-meets-CHVRCHES middle ground they can call all their own. This band is clearly on a roll, back in [...]

September 1, 2015 News
The Antics

Listen: The Antics Turn In Their Most Polished Work To Date With Emily Jones, Playing Mexicali Live 6/11

New Jersey post-punk outfit The Antics have undergone a lot of changes despite frontman and principal songwriter Luke Meisenbacher still being in college. Lineup shifts and new influencers has led to a pensive, more mature sound. That sentiment is echoed [...]

June 9, 2015 New Music, Reviews

Interview: Janita Respects Music, Petitions Congress and Releases Her Most Authentic Album Yet

We live in a world that takes music and musicians for granted. Everything else that feeds our bodies and minds is rarely free, yet we consume music by click-it-and-own-it downloads and streams – occasionally paying for a show if we [...]

May 18, 2015 Features, Interviews

Listen: Distoria Whip Up An Electro-Alt Rock Storm With New Single “Dark White”

Bubbling up on the New York scene is the electro-alt-rock outfit Distoria who have been hitting a stride following a successful CMJ last year. They took that momentum straight into the studio to produce their first new recordings since their [...]

May 5, 2015 News

Listen: Makeunder Bursts Out With The Sprawling “Great Headless Blank”

Multi-talented Oakland-based artist Hamilton Ulmer works are informed by his past, but not beholden to it. His musical project, Makeunder, makes beautiful chamber art-pop tapestries that move and breathe with dynamic shifts and swells. Ulmer’s first EP, Radiate, Satellite, was [...]

May 1, 2015 News

Interview: theWhen Prepares To Unleash Second EP In Electro-Fantasy Trilogy

Too often artists are afraid to complicate their creations, allowing themselves to fit into a box and afraid of confusing the listener or taking on too much. Fear is a powerful force. Sometimes, it’s necessary, though. Take Matt Kourie, aka [...]

April 30, 2015 Features, Interviews

Advance Listen: Nashville Rocker YØUTH Rattles The Room & Heartstrings With Start Again

Photo By: David O’Donahue Die hard fans of 90’s-influenced music: time to come together and praise Nashville-based rocker, YØUTH, and his debut EP, Start Again. Set to drop on June 30th, the EP will be here just in time to [...]

April 27, 2015 New Music, Reviews
Drunken Logic Press-19 (6)

Album Review: Drunken Logic – Long Day’s Journey To The Middle

It starts with an opening, gentle guitar strum whisper. The sort of hushed tone that arena dominating stars like Dave Grohl embrace in the studio, knocking around the stems that will eventually swell into monstrous rock anthems. That’s a lot [...]

April 17, 2015 New Music, Reviews

Vice Threw A Monster 20th Anniversary Party, A Detailed Account Of The Madness

Vice’s 20th Anniversary Party “What’s going on here?” a passerby driver asked, observing the countless umbrellas huddled around the Brooklyn Navy castle gates. “’It’s a party!” I announced. “Shh. It’s secret,” warned a walker to my left, actually keeping up [...]

December 11, 2014 Live, Reviews