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Breaking Rad: Zigman Bird Soars with Yes

Being from central Jersey, it is always interesting to have conversations with people from northern and southern parts of the state. The southerners would always claim I was from the north and vice versa.  It is no wonder that so [...]

August 19, 2013 Breaking Rad, Features

SIMGE Singles: Hear Slim Wray Claw It’s Way Through The Abrasive “Bear”

Brooklyn-based Slim Wray wants to shatter the lenses of every Ray Ban wearing, limp cigarette holding hipster staggering through Williamsburg.  Chris Moran (drums/backing vocals) and Ryan Houser (vocals/guitar), also known simply as Howzr, are the duo that comprise Slim Wray’s loud [...]

August 19, 2013 News
Double Phelix

Double Phelix To Release Compilation Album Featuring Lasso’s “Tangolassi”

In between two sprawling coasts of watered-down indie-pop nestles the Kalamazoo, Michigan musician’s collective known as Double Phelix. Placing special emphasize on analog recording, the studio/label values the creative process in the participating bands and allows its members to be [...]

August 7, 2013 News
Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 1.47.41 PM

Dick Dale Brought Wondrous Surf Rock To Asbury Park (8/1/2013)

There was nothing short of wonder this past Thursday night in Asbury Park. Despite the unseasonably cool, rainy evening, the street corner of Ocean and 5th was bursting with the heavy bopping of the King of the Surf Guitar. Performing [...]

August 7, 2013 Live, Reviews
Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 12.54.03 PM

Make Way For Lucy Schwartz’s “Captain Sunshine”

Lucy Schwartz is not a household name, yet, even though her voice is in a committed relationship with the speakers in your living room television. Los Angeles, California native, Schwartz is a contemporary singer-songwriter whose songs have appeared in countless [...]

July 29, 2013 News
Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 1.40.02 PM

Body Parts Reverberate Mood & Circulate Color With No “Desperation”

Conceived in Los Angeles, CA, Body Parts wants to let you know that they are physically mature for their age. Formed initially in 2009 by Ryder Bach, the band was created through years of experience that he and fellow vocalist/guitarist, [...]

July 26, 2013 News
Screen shot 2013-07-12 at 5.37.27 PM

Widowspeak’s “True Believer” Makes One Out Of You And Me

Brooklyn-based Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas are the collective duo that comprise the shoegazing daydream outfit Widowspeak. Formed in 2010, the band already has two full length records under their reverie belt; self-titled and whimsical Widowspeak (2010) and the [...]

July 12, 2013 News