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SIMGE Stream: Be Calm Honcho & Listen To “Step-Out”

Tara Tomaino May 8, 2014 News No Comments

honcho dreamsThink of Be Calm Honcho as a Mylar balloon attached to vibrant curling ribbons of  little white lies we tell during tender early love, floating into the heavens as a celebration of chance.  Formed in 2013, Be Calm Honcho involves a terrible haircut bassist Alex Weston once received from singer and “DIY cosmetologist” Shannon Harney.  In exchange for the aforementioned, well-intentioned hack job, Harney borrowed a keyboard and met a boyfriend who would soon move to San Francisco with her.  While there, the two met Be Calm Honcho’s future guitarist, Jacob Landry and drummer, Michael Carrera.

In just a lifespan of a year, the San Francisco quartet is creating quite the buzz in the City by the Bay.  Tendrils of Be Calm Hanco’s spacey indie-pop tickles the mufflers and gears  on the Golden Gate Bridge as their debut album, Honcho Dreams drifts closer to its release date.

“Step-Out”, the first single off of Honcho Dreams, is a madrigal of springtime fantasy, complete with chirping blips emitting from the budding limbs of Weston’s deep bass groove. Vocalist Harney gives off a sultry slur of bluesy sap, oozing effortlessly from gentle reverb in the hollow of Landry’s guitar.   Carrera tops off the scene with a simple syncopated beat, becoming the canopy in the rad ecosystem that is Be Calm Honcho.

Make sure to catch this Honcho Dreams balloon before it’s released on June 24th on Crossbill Records.  In the meantime, you can embrace Be Calm Honcho’s first single, “Step-Out”, below:

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