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Beaut by Lady In The Radiator

Matt Ascone May 5, 2012 New Music No Comments

Based out of central New Jersey and describing their style of music as “psychedelic punk,” five-piece Lady in the Radiator brings a complex and multi-layered sound to the table. This band can take you down any number of musical roads not only from song to song, but within any song itself. Take, for example, the opening number on their newest EP Beaut, entitled “Culture Shock Treatment:” The song opens with some feedback and subtle guitar picking, then transitions into a fuller-sounding psychedelic rock explosion, only to then slowly drip into ambient waves of synthesizer and droning vocals.

Beaut is the follow-up to their successful debut album Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend. Don’t let the somewhat disturbing cover image deter you from the musicianship contained within the EP, however. Lady in the Radiator seems to be a group that enjoys the deranged and outlandish; they are unconventional in a world that rewards perennial political correctness (example: The “About” section of their Facebook page states “we piss rainbow juice.” An impressive feat indeed.) This is what gives LitR their charm – they are very much a “take us or leave us” band. They don’t conform to any one sound or style. Each song on the EP takes on a life of its own. Whereas the opening track featured hard riffs and fuzzy strands of psychedelia, “Horus” features rapping and a punk-shout chorus.

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