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Ben Jorgensen (Armor For Sleep) Took Twitter Questions For An Hour Last Night…Get The Low Down

Chris Rotolo April 4, 2012 News No Comments

Yesterday evening, on the heels of an announcement stating that the members of New Jersey’s defunct Emo juggernaut, Armor For Sleep, would be reforming for The Bamboozle’s 10th Anniversary in Asbury Park this May (18-20th), the outfit’s front-man Ben Jorgensen took to the Twitterverse at 9 p.m. and fielded questions from fans for one hour…here’s what came out of it:

  • As of right now, Armor For Sleep is slated to play a 45-minute set on opening night.  However, many a new ticket holders made their voices heard last night, and according to Jorgensen, the front-man will be requesting more time.
  • In terms of a set list, Jorgensen seemed intrigued by the idea of performing the first six songs from the outfit’s debut full-length, Dream To Make Believe, and the last six songs from the follow-up What To Do When You’re Dead.
  • If you can’t score tickets to the Boozle but really want to Armor For Sleep’s farewell show fear not, for Jorgensen appeared interested in the idea of filming the performance for a future DVD release.
  • Or you could just wait for them to tour…maybe. After dismissing early questions about a tour with answers like “I can’t see that happening,” Jorgensen was enthused by the idea of playing in Philadelphia (as well as eating cheesestake) and Australia.
  • Jorgensen went on to assure fans that, aside from the set, he and the band would be doing meet greets at Bamboozle.  But if you can’t wait until May, the front-man suggests you head out to Idle Hands Bar in New York City for Washed Up Emo Night where he’ll be spinning Emo tunes tomorrow night.

And with that, Jorgensen expressed his thoughts on The Babmboozle’s, and by association Armor For Sleep’s, return to Asbury Park with the following:

See you all on the Boardwalk next month…tickets still available here.

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