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Watch: Black Foxxes Share “I’m Not Well” // Playing NY In September

Phil Shepherd August 20, 2016 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Black Foxxes

I have been listening to a bunch of new bands out of the UK recently. Just to keep up with the flowing tide really. While quite a few of them have stood out to me, the latest one has struck a chord with their new release.

Black Foxxes hail from Exeter, a city filled with heritage. Being true to their roots, with their release of  “I’m Not Well” on August 19th, the trio has cemented themselves as an up and coming force for pure rock-n-roll entertainment. Something I have been having a very hard time locating lately in this corner of the world. The eleven song release is full of hard driving, in your face pure, raw energy and never lets up, nor do you want it to. But do not consider this to be an aggressive display of force. Behind the heavy beats backing the distortion-filled power chords, there is a harmonious mix of melody. This is unfiltered and I think pure passion creating this sound.

Think Nirvana meets Chevelle, crack open your favorite beer, headphones on and turn it up loud. The closing track even reminds you of where they are from and enforces a little heritage itself.  By the time you are done listening you should be comfortably numb.

Black Foxxes will be arriving in September for a couple of NY shows, Tues 9/13 at the Mercury Lounge and Wednesday 9/14 at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn.

Watch Black Foxxes’ video for “I’m Not Well” below.

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