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“I’ll eventually move out of my parents’ house.”61BHEkKhtEL._SS500_

“Yeah right.”

“The economy will eventually turn around.”

“Yeah right.”

“I’m gonna run at least every other day and get myself ready for this year’s Asbury Park five-miler.”

“Yeah right.”

“Yeah right” is that phrase one uses to take the wind completely out of your sails, to shoot down whatever lofty (or not so lofty) goal you just expressed, or to convey a general disbelief in that last thing you just said. Yeah Right is also the title of the latest album from Philadelphia’s Bleeding Rainbow (née Reading Rainbow). I took it for a run with me today, my second this week, as I began my training for that aforementioned Asbury road race in earnest.

Reading Rainbow started as duo Sarah Everton and Rob Garcia. Upon adding two new members, Al Creedon and Greg Frantz, and presumably wanting to avoid a lawsuit from PBS, the band changed their name to Bleeding Rainbow. Currently, Bleeding Rainbow tour as the trio of Everton, Garcia, and Creedon.

Yeah Right finds the band, much like their Kanine Records labelmates Eternal Summers, dipping into the well of shoegaze and Dream-Pop. Bleeding Rainbow, however, end up on the darker side of the thematic spectrum with allusions to the noisy version of Yo La Tengo and the fuzzed out guitars of My Bloody Valentine.

Songs like “Pink Ruff” and “Fall Into Your Eyes” feature those pulsating MBV-esque guitars. There are hooks here, though, too. Opener “Go Ahead,” single “Waking Dream,” and “Cover the Sky” are examples of a more delicate, sixties-psychedelia-inspired pop sound.

Lyrically, the album makes constant references to a sense of aimlessness and a waiting for things to change. That, of course, attracted me immediately. “Some things need to change. Nothing will stay the same,” is the album’s opening line. On “Drift Away,” Everton sings, “Constant droning of each day, makes my mind drift away.” On the very next track, “Shades of Eternal Night,” she sings, “As I drift alone in space…” over a 1990’s guitar riff. “Life is on endless repeat. There’s no change” on “Inside My Head.”

One of the reasons I run, started a blog, and got a dog is that working from home, like a lot of life, can get a little monotonous: getting up at the same time every day to get the kids ready for school, hopping on the same conference calls on the same days every week, spending all day alone, and mostly just trying to get through the late afternoons / early evenings until CoolMom comes through the door. Doing all of that without any obvious end to it anywhere on the horizon can get a little overwhelming if you stop and think it through.

Music, blogging, running, CoolDog. All of those things have helped to divert my thoughts away from the treadmill that modern, suburban adulthood can be.

Yeah right.

Yeah Right is out now on Kanine Records.

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