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Breaking Rad: Contron Buries Himself Beneath A Grainy Hiss

Chris Rotolo October 14, 2013 Breaking Rad, Features No Comments

CTConnor Parker, who creates under the artistic guise of Contron, is a well-traveled songsmith, having traversed the Unites States (Florids, Mississippi, California, Georgia) and beyond our borders (England) as part of a constantly restationed military family.  But through the movement, altered scenery, and fluid existence, there has been constants: A broken down  six string, the need to compose…and a cast of friends of who’s contributions over time have made them as much a part of Contron as Parker himself.

“All of my recordings were done with a busted up classical guitar,” explained Parker of his primary writing utensil used to pen a self-recorded, self-released, and self-titled sophomore release that arrived September 24th. “It’s missing a High E string at the moment that was given to me by my close friend Z, who stole it from a high school guitar class. I record everything on a hand-me-down microphone that another close friend of mine named Sam gave me.”

Simplistic string arrangements; a voice which spouts melodious monotone stream-of-conciousness poetics; all nestled within the charm of a warm hiss and lo-fi recordings; a pure presentation of honest emotion, social commentary, and self-realization…these are the elements that lured this penman to the 13-track collection that is Contron and the songwriter who composed such works as the opening number “i guess i’ma pretty good person sometimes when i really think that hell might exist (thought i heard you screamin’ i was dancing with my demons they’re the bad things that i like too much)” and “now all i’m good at doing is drugs and feeling upset.”

“Right now I use recording software that I downloaded offline,” Contron continued, “hence the super lo-fi recordings. I love the aesthetic of it but it’s honestly the best I have as well, i’m not really a producer.”

“I’m not sure if I have any overarching themes in my music, other than all the things I perceive to be wrong with the world and our existence itself and how I deal with it all. A lot of the songs are about dependencies I have on things that might not be good for me, as well as loss, isolation, loneliness, struggling to retain optimism, and a belief that there’s still beauty to be found as I get older, and more jaded.”

Stream Contron’s self-titled LP below and stay tuned for more on the Florida-based songwriter.

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