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Breaking Rad: Exciteless

Chris Rotolo July 6, 2012 Breaking Rad, Features No Comments

Any band that samples Optimus Prime’s Top 40 radio show and Hot Rod automatically propels to the top of my favorite outfit list…sorry, but it’s the rules ingrained in my DNA, which I was not consulted about during the writing process, thus I can merely abide.  Anyway, the fact that Exciteless, a Brooklyn-based outfit, promotes its music with such catchy marketing terminology as Shitcore and Shitgaze and Shitopotamus music also gives the band high marks on my grading scale…again, I’m bound by genetic code.

Finally, the outfit’s debut, a three-tack EP titled Brady, receives my praise due to its alluring selections of Lo-Fi Punk tunes that are comparable to rough demo recordings of Bomb The Music Industry! after a lengthy bender, which offer such thought provoking outlooks on religion and self deprecation as this passage from “England (Jaketown Anthem)”:

“If there is a god in this space/Then I think we’re on the one place he intended to destroy/Four billion years of Meteors and two years of bombs/Feels like everything is always falling apart/or being destroyed/We will resist, we will resist, we will rebel, we will rebuild, our cry will ring out: ‘WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL!'”

Download “England (Jaketown Anthem)” below and grab the rest of the EP here.

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