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Breaking Rad: Hau Drops Self-Titled EP…Or Discovering The Third Band I’m Afraid Of

Chris Rotolo October 28, 2014 Breaking Rad, Features No Comments


Prior to spinning the latest self-titled release to surface from the Greece-based Noise-Rock duo Hau, there were only two bands that scared me.

The first was an isolated incident. Radiohead and Thom Yorke are by no means regularly frightening entities. However, there is a single case in the outfit’s prolific catalogue, and it’s Kid A. Yes, I’ve read Killing Yourself to Live, but I also lived through the events of September 11th with nothing but 12 miles of bay separating my middle school from mass destruction…and somehow this record captures the traumatizing chaos of the day. Klosterman was onto something.

In short, the second band to freak me out was the recently defunct Crystal Castles…they will be missed.

Then Hau entered my life to fill the void and, like a silver-tongued sociopath, this industrialized rock concoction seemingly has technical skills and structure to its compositions, inviting an unsuspecting listener into the madness that will be, before churning guitar chords, electronic mayhem, and tribal break-rhythm percussion come down on their neck like Patrick Bateman’s chrome axe head.

Stream Hau’s self-titled collection below and blast it through your speakers to greet the costumed kiddies seeking candy on Halloween this Friday.

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