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SIMGE Singles: Little Earthquake Rumbles From Down Under With New Single “Planets”

Chris Rotolo January 27, 2014 Breaking Rad, Features No Comments

LEThe Electronic-Pop duo of brothers Matthew and Justin Hyland grew out of an actual earth-shaking experience in their home on the Central Coast of Australia, when a “little earthquake” spurred a Facebook thread of mammoth proportions, with individuals from across the community coming together in this virtual realm to describe their experience.

Upon witnessing the reactions and cohesiveness of their neighbors over an act of nature, the brothers Hyland were inspired to create music that would have a similar affect, and with the outfit’s latest single, “Planets”, under the moniker Little Earthquake, such a goal may be attainable.

“Planets” and its pulsating back beats, thumping bass blasts, and choppy synth waves underscore an alluring set of vocal melodies that provide a weightless environment for this celestial Pop composition to morph, develop, and transcend music’s cultural lines: accessible and pristine enough for Top 40 radio with an experimental soul to hook the hippest of music listeners.

Stream “Planets” below and prepare for the release of Little Earthquake’s Universal Minds, which is due in April.

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