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Drew Kaufman February 1, 2013 Breaking Rad, Features 3 Comments


Pop Punk is not dead, it’s out of college. Now in the hands some of the 15 million purchasers of  Blink-182’s Enema of the State who have slightly matured fourteen years later, the genre is no longer just an outlet for teens who don’t like boy bands, but an ongoing experiment in self distribution. Olympia, WA-via-Long Island’s own RVIVR is one of many bands who have carried what remains of punk back to it’s humbled roots of social consciousness and D.I.Y. ethic., opting to release their own material on their own label at a name-your-price diem, even if it’s zilch.

If your a fan of screeching guitars, unrelenting drums, and dueling guy/girl vocals, RVIVR has a self titled full length and a collection of smaller releases, called The Joester Sessions available on their Rumbletowne Records website, along with several other phenomenal bands with equally unsubdued zeal. Liked a track or two? You can throw them a small donation or maybe order some physical media, including vinyls, through their authentic mail order system. Better have mom take you down the deli so you can get a money order.

And new songs are on their way. Earlier this year, the band posted a music video for a new song to their blog.

KEVIN RAINSBERRY FILMS presents! Spider Song is a track off the new RVIVR LP that will be… out… by… March… or… April… 2013… right?!?!

D.I.Y green screen is the new D.I.Y silk screen.

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