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Listen: Bryan Wood changes gears with Learning Curves

Phil Shepherd April 16, 2019 New Music, Reviews No Comments


2018 was a transformative year for B.Wood. Aside from leaving his former band to pursue a perpetual path of music and working his debut solo release, Bryan Wood embarked on a two month national tour with his friends in The Wrecks (Los Angeles CA), brought Nashville style open jam’s to the legendary Asbury Park club The Saint (where he is also one of their house sound engineers), taken a position as assistant teacher for an audio recording vocational school (of which he attended in High School), and has played numerous shows both solo and with friend’s bands in Asbury Park, NYC and surrounding areas.

Learning Curves will twist your gut, tickle your toes and make you wonder why this once strict rocker hadn’t taken matters into his own hands sooner. Combining an arsenal of recording knowledge, multi-instrumentalism, and knack for melody, B.Wood’s debut distills a threshold of Americana-Rock that will leave its listeners on repeat.

Learning Curves includes songs of old and of new, some intended for his disbanded rock quartet, others finalized during the recording process, and a few brought forward from the back burner after many years. “Those are the ones I’m excited about.” Wood explains, “The songs that’ve been just hanging around because they didn’t have a place in a high energy democratic rock band.”

Make no mistake; there is plenty of energy on Learning Curves. Tracks like “Lost & Found” and “Leave Go” sing with the captured energy of Wood’s musical perspective. While others like ‘Aria’ and ‘Pretend’ revere a softer side and introduce adventitious instruments like cello and pedal steel (the only instruments not performed by Wood on Learning Curves).

Learning Curves has been released on all platforms and culminates with a release party is this Saturday, April 20th at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ featuring Judo Chop, Baron Praxis, The Inflatable Head, and Hey Leroy. The 420 celebrations will be in full effect along with free raffle giveaways in the spirit of the holiday. Come prepared for an elevated experience!

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