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Bus Buddies Are Back At It Again: A Final Show Announced After Some Surprise Warm Ups

Luke Henderiks July 15, 2014 Exclusive Content, News No Comments

New Jersey folk punk/pop punk band Bus Buddies is back at it again and have announced a final show!  After many conflicts between members and sets getting less and less genuine, Bus Buddies decided to take a break for awhile to replenish the love for their music that they had when they started.  Now they’re back with a full band consisting of Luke Henderiks and Rob Odell (of course) , with the added power of Matt Lambert (of Cackhander Happy) playing drums and Dustin Callahan (of Spore and Daisy Chain Smoker) playing melodica.


They most recently did a random appearance at Emma Murphy’s (of the Chopped Sticks) house at the living room show (The Chopped Sticks debut show) on July 2 in Manasquan, NJ with the Crick, Bearchild and Tom Carty.  Bus Buddies also turned up on July 5 in Rumson with Dogs Corners (Reunion) , Goodnight, Killer Waves and more!  EVEN BETTER, they appeared with local favorites Have A Good Season and Cackhander Happy on July 11 in Piscataway.  None of these shows were formally announced and they have been warm up shows for the final bow!


The only formally announced shows at the moment are…

July 27, Backyard Show at Michelle Nuccio’s (Invite Only)

August 16, Pineapple Fest at Blackburn Hall

Bus Buddies are also planning a small tour (“weekender”) on August 21 (NYC) , August 23 (Philadelphia) and the final show on August 24 (Long Branch, NJ) with Little Dickman Records’ own Corrina, Corrina.  These shows are going to be the last few chances to see Bus Buddies, so get to it.   They are also prepping a big announcement for more than one release after the six month delay of the “Taking The Bus” EP.

The final Bus Buddies show will be on August 24 at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ with the Crick, Conover, Cackhander Happy, Goodnight, Pines and Corrina, Corrina.  The show will be $10!  The split EP and Sensitive singles will be free to take at the show.  Bus Buddies promise covers and special guests on stage.  (Photos by: Michelle Rose)



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