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Blush Cameron

Premiere: Blush Cameron – “Four Odd Words”

Pop songs have some kind of unique power. They are able to be both comfortable and exciting, often at the same time. And Blush Cameron is a master of writing sentimental, scrappy pop songs. Blush Cameron (formerly COMPs) is Philadelphia’s [...]

October 1, 2019 News
no swoon

Watch: No Swoon Shares “Don’t Wake Up, Wake Up” | Debut LP Out 11/1 via Substitute Scene

Photo Credit: Christopher Malarick Waking up daily throughout these past three years, as things continue to distort in the atmosphere and through your screen in mind-numbing new ways, can oftentimes feel like a continuation of a stress/fever dream. Though not [...]

September 14, 2019 News
Eggs on Mars

Premiere: Eggs on Mars Unveils “I Can’t Always Be the Sunshine” | New LP Out 10/4 via Jigsaw Records

One of my favorite things about running this gosh-dang music site, aside from the fame, riches and hefty discount at Dunkin Donuts (get @ me!), is tracking the progressions of some folks from far-flung places that I know strictly through [...]

September 2, 2019 News
The Great American Novel

Listen: The Great American Novel Returns With “Ready for Love or Disappointment”

Photo Credit: Kate Hoos Well, well, well. After nearly exactly five years, the now formerly deceased The Great American Novel has self-exhumed for some sort of LCD Soundsytem-style cash-grab no doubt! All joking on both parties aside, the kindling that [...]

August 19, 2019 News
Kira Metcalf

Listen: Kira Metcalf Debuts New Single “Cheap Kind”

“‘Cheap Kind’ narrates the familiar feeling of shame that arises when one inexorably loses everything. From an earring, to a lover, to life itself, the catchy chorus expresses the age-old pain of encroaching nihilism. This punch-to-the-gut song will make you [...]

August 15, 2019 News

Listen: ESSi Shares “Pines and Cones” | Debut LP Out 10/4 via Ramp Local

Photo Credit: Christopher Carr Seems obvious but bears repeating for the sake of beating back burnout/cynicism, that one of the more rewarding aspects of being involved in a local culture scene is the renewable opportunity to be blown away by [...]

August 14, 2019 News
The Zells

Premiere: The Zells Unveil “Hello Loser” | New EP Out 10/11 via Crafted Sounds

Photo Credit: Shauna Miller A couple of months back, we featured “Tracy” off of Pittsburgh-based group The Zells’ EP, Failure to Slide, released last fall. And wouldn’t you know it, the quintet is right back at it with the No [...]

August 13, 2019 News
Desert Sharks

Watch: Desert Sharks Return With “Sorceress” | New LP Out 9/27 via Substitute Scene

It’s been a while since we last checked in with Brooklyn shred masters Desert Sharks. We’ve been long awaiting the follow-up to 2014’s Template Hair and our collective thirsts are now slaked with the arrival of “Sorceress,” the lead single [...]

August 9, 2019 News

Premiere: Spritzer Unveils “Get Me Out” | New EP Out 8/23

Just in time for this dog days of summer weekend, we have “Get Me Out,” the new single from Brooklyn rockers Spritzer. The breezy jam is a meditative piece good for cooling down in any season as the lilting guitars [...]

August 9, 2019 News

Watch: Sungaze Shares “The River” | New LP Out Now

There are a whole lot of great things coming out of the Cincinnati music scene these days. Enter pysch-rockers Sungaze who skew on the more deliberate of the transportive, enveloping sound spectrum. Sungaze recently released a new LP, Light in [...]

August 7, 2019 News