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James Dalton Drops New Single, Playing M.A.D. Wednesday At The Downtown Next Month

“‘Silent Station’ was recorded in a dirty kitchen in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, conceived on Soviet-era trams in Eastern Europe, and is the story of a murderer misled by his own romantic side, featuring my new obsession, the autoharp.” This is [...]

March 23, 2012 News

Early Bird Tix For Bouncing Souls Record Release Shows Available NOW

According to Chunksaah Records, the music distribution company owned and operated by The Bouncing Souls since 1993, the label are selling early bird tickets to the outfit’s record release shows at The Trocadero in Philadelphia (June 8th) and New York [...]

March 22, 2012 News

Break Contest Invitational Moved…AGAIN!!!

The Break Contest Invitational, a great idea; a wonderful musical showcase; an event, apparently, without a home having recently been torn from the Paramount Theatre so as to make the concert free to the public, only to be booted out [...]

March 22, 2012 News
Phantom Power

Phantom Power Releases New Music, Playing Asbury Lanes Tonight

The Asbury Experimental Indie-Rock collective known as Phantom Power released a pair of new tunes titled “Wrong Turn,” a sludgy piece of balladry suggesting a Jim Morrison-type tune if he the late Doors mastermind was born in 1971, instead of departing [...]

March 21, 2012 News

Breathing Blue Release New Single, Set To Play Break Invitational At The Stone Pony On April 1st

By Matt Ascone, Staff Writer Fresh off their forthcoming album Inner Animal (due late Spring 2012), Breathing Blue has released a musical appetizer in the form of their latest single entitled “This Isn’t About You.” The song has all the hallmarks of [...]

March 20, 2012 News, Reviews

NJ Musical March Madness…Round 2 (March 20-22)

With a first round marked by upset upon upset,  we leave the past in the past and trudge forward into the second round, the field continuing to narrow, and the winner of this promotional contest becoming clearer with each passing [...]

March 20, 2012 News
Marvin Berry

Marvin Berry & The New Sound Drops New Collection Of Demos

“Chuck. Chuck. It’s Marvin!  Your cousin, Marvin BERRY. You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this.” And with that raucous scene from the iconic film that has become Back To The Future, with visions of Michael [...]

March 16, 2012 News

NJ Musical Musical March Madness…Opening Round (March 16th – 18th)

It’s mid-March, the time of year when student athletes across the nation are exploited on national television for millions upon millions of dollars raised via advertising…money they will never see because it it will be deposited directly into their universities’ [...]

March 16, 2012 News
Seaside Caves

Seaside Caves Releases New Song For The New Season, Split w/Wreaths Out Now

After emerging from a not so frigid winter, the emergence of Spring has inspired many artists to compose new music for our ears to feast, and most recently, merely days after dropping a split EP with fellow local fuzz bombs, [...]

March 15, 2012 News
A Criminal Risk

A Criminal Risk Releases Full-Length’s Title Track, “The Art Of Dropping Names,” Playing Benefit Concert

On December 10th the Ocean County-based Pop-Punk outfit, A Criminal Risk, released its debut full-length, The Art Of Dropping Names, in relative secrecy…and I can’t figure out why. Who knows why more noise wasn’t made about this eight-track collection, SIMGE isn’t here [...]

March 14, 2012 News