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New Song: The Woolen Men – “Mayonnaise”

The Woolen Men reveal how the other half of Punk lives [...]

January 9, 2013 New Music, News

New Song: Toothgrinder – “Vibration/Colour/Frequency”

Wills Wellers played drums for more than 17 minutes...straight [...]

January 9, 2013 Music Videos, New Music, News

New Song: Michael Askin – “How Could Anybody Know?” (feat. Jerzy Jung)

“How could anybody know, what anybody else deserves” ponders New Brunswick’s Michael Askin on “How Could Anybody Know?,” a slow musical march of acoustic guitar meanderings featuring Garden State songstress Jerzy Jung on backing vocals and immense despair that connects [...]

January 9, 2013 New Music, News
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David Bowie Returns With “Where Are We Now?”; New LP Due In March

David Bowie just announced his first album in a decade. The Reclusive Rock N’ Roll legend kicked off his 66th birthday by, not receiving, but providing fans a gift in the form of new music, a single titled “Where Are [...]

January 8, 2013 New Music, News

New Demo: Thomas Wesley Stern – “Til It’s Over”

Thomas Wesley Stern rang in the new year the way you’d expect a four-man string too…with acoustic guitars, vocal harmonies, and reflective poetics about broken hearts and faint sunlight shining through heavy cloud coverage.  The group washed its champaign-induced hangover away [...]

January 7, 2013 New Music, News

Album Review: Broadcast – “Berberian Sound Studio”

For those unfamiliar with Broadcast, a dark, psychedelic, Electronic duo from the UK, Berberian Sound Studio will be a bittersweet introduction. Composed for a psychological thriller of the same name, the soundtrack plays with the movie’s drift between physical and psychological [...]

January 7, 2013 New Music, Reviews

Sufjan Stevens – “Silver & Gold”

The holiday season has a lot to do with disappointment. Your mom gives you four pairs of sensible jeans, you have to spend the whole day stuck in I-95 traffic, Christmas Eve is a mandatory work day, or your gingerbread [...]

December 12, 2012 New Music, Reviews, Uncategorized

Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin – “Instrumental Tourist”

Although ambient music has been explored long enough for there to be multiple sub-genres (dark ambient, space music, witch house to name a few), it is still difficult for some to classify the tone and intention of new experimental projects. [...]

November 29, 2012 New Music, Reviews

Woollen Kits – “Four Girls”

After the tremendous damage of Hurricane Sandy, the exhausting clanging of political nonsense and a freak snowstorm, I’m probably not the only one on the east coast who craves normality. Putting on Woollen Kits’ Four Girls gave me an instant [...]

November 13, 2012 New Music, Reviews

“Inner Mansions” by Teen Daze

Odds are, you can guess a lot about Teen Daze just by the name. Dreamy Electro-Pop? Yep. Heavy synth fills? Definitely. But is there more here than meets the eye? You betcha. Teen Daze’s first release, All of Us, Together, [...]

November 7, 2012 New Music, Reviews