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Bamboozle Day 1: A Beach Party Of Grand Proportions w/Skrillex, Incubus, Mac Miller And More

Photos by Chris Rotolo “Yo Bamboozle, what the fuck is up?” rapper Mac Miller shouted as he made his way onto the massive main stage inserted onto Asbury Park’s Northern beachhead. Roaring in unanimous approval, the audience was primed to [...]

May 19, 2012 Live
Coming Cleam Drive Safe

Drive Safe by Coming Clean

Southern New Jersey’s Coming Clean has returned with its sophomore effort Drive Safe, the follow up to its 2011 debut Trying, and a collection that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a relationship. With the first line of this [...]

May 16, 2012 New Music
Elevator Art TC

Tent City by Elevator Art

SIMGEssential Individuality is somewhat of an enigma when it comes to creating music. Bands will often try to carve out a sound for themselves, but many times they end up resembling something that’s already been done, eventually getting lost in [...]

May 16, 2012 Live, SIMGEssentials
At Bay Anchors

Anchors by At Bay

 At Bay has thrown its hat into the post-hardcore/alternative ring with their latest effort, Anchors. The six-track EP finds the group exploring the boundaries of the two genres and blending them seamlessly. From the opening track, “Near-Life Experience,”  the outfit’s multi-dimensional [...]

May 16, 2012 New Music
Timeout Jimmy Yourself

Yourself by Timeout Jimmy

The cliche goes that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and when a band puts out a three track EP that checks in at less than ten minutes, the window of opportunity to influence the [...]

May 16, 2012 New Music
Just Us Basics

Basics by Just Us

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to sit side-by-side with your significant other and pour your collective hearts and thoughts out into an album? Indie-Folk duo Jenna Murphy and Thomas Louis, better known as Just Us, have [...]

May 13, 2012 New Music
Chris Brown

Sing Yourself To Sleep by Chris Brown

SIMGEssential “It’s always been my business/To try and spill my guts/But this whiskey tongue is so damn loose/Can’t keep it all locked up.” It is with these opening lines to the song “Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong” that folk/punk singer-songwriter [...]

May 13, 2012 New Music, SIMGEssentials
Batten Down The Hatches Beginnings

Beginnings by Batten Down The Hatches

SIMGEssential Freehold-based pop-punk outfit Batten Down The Hatches have returned with their latest EP, Beginnings, released on Meadowbrook Records. The five-piece has turned in another quality piece of work, combining punk sensibilities with pop sentiments. The result is four tracks that rock [...]

May 13, 2012 New Music, SIMGEssentials
Huff This TL

Tuff Love by HUFF THIS!

SIMGEssential Alison Clancy is not your average singer-songwriter. She is a woman of many talents and has a number of other gigs outside of her music, such as being a Wilhelmina Model and a “dream-thrash” dancer who has performed with [...]

May 13, 2012 New Music, SIMGEssentials

Ladies Choice by Kid Is Qual

SIMGEssential If you’ve ever been stroking your beard, pondering your existence and the music that is its soundtrack, and stumbled onto the sudden conclusion that, “This song, and my entire reality, lacks the appropriate amount of bass,” then stop what [...]

May 5, 2012 New Music, SIMGEssentials