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New Song: Anthony Walker – “If I Go Down”

Lauded member of the Asbury Park music scene and New Brunswick-native Anthony Walker released a new single on Tuesday afternoon titled “If I Go Down,” an acoustic guitar-led Folk-Rock number that features Alex Brumel on the accompanying electric six-string and the [...]

December 12, 2012 News, SIMGEssentials

SIMGEssentials: Bern & The Brights, Alexandra Inglis, My Gold Mask, Big Deal

“Thieves, Creeps, and Automatons” by Bern & The Brights What’s exciting about Independent music collectives is their lack of fear.  These groups don’t feel the obligation to adhere to the bounds of a single medium, almost viewing it as their [...]

December 10, 2012 Features, SIMGEssentials
Tango Machina @ Asbury Lanes '12 (Photo: C. Rotolo)

SIMGEssentials: James Wells (The Gay Blades), Angel Olsen, SUN CLUB, Tango Machina

“Family” by James Wells (The Gay Blades) Stevenson’s storied tale of Jekyll & Hyde, though undeniably cliche, yet less offensive than declaring an artist as a schizophrenic, accurately describes the creative range of one James Wells.  Better known by his [...]

November 28, 2012 Features, SIMGEssentials
Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 10.59.59 AM

SIMGEssentials: GayGuy/StraightGuy, Beach Day, Feeding People, The History Of Apple Pie

“Nashville” by GayGuy/StraightGuy Asbury Park’s own GayGuy/StraightGuy, a two-man Rock outfit of various makes and genres featuring former River City Extension six string maestro Nick Cucci and Give Me Static front-man turned stick wielder Bob Paulos, is back with 3 [...]

November 20, 2012 Features, SIMGEssentials
Thomas Wesley Stern @ The Press Room (C. Rotolo)

New Song: Thomas Wesley Stern – “Shake It Out”

The appeal of Thomas Wesley Stern remains the four-man string band’s ability to conjure a setting, to both mentally and emotionally transport the listener to a simpler, more rural scene where they are surrounded by friends and family who encompass a [...]

November 15, 2012 News, SIMGEssentials

SIMGEssentials: Maus Haus, The Little Ones, Big Wilson River, The Bennys, Vex Ruffin

“Argonauts” by The Little Ones Oozing from The Little Ones’ sun-doused Pop-Rock offerings is a warmth that engulfs the group and the San Diego haunts in which it resides, a tropical climate that’s inundated this outfit’s very existence, and as a [...]

November 13, 2012 Features, SIMGEssentials

New Video: Only Living Boy – “Spread Your Butter”

Back in August, Hackettstown, NJ’s Only Living Boy released a platter of riff-driven Hard-Rock, served up hot with a heaping helping of sexual innuendo in the form of a single with songs titled “Scrambled Eggs” and a SIMGEssential named “Spread Your Butter.” [...]

November 9, 2012 News, SIMGEssentials

NEW VIDEO: “Beam Me Up” by Cazzette

What would happen if unknown, unseen, creatures from the cosmos descended upon Earth and simply hovered, waiting for the right moment to make first contact?  How would we would react?  Fearfully?  With hostility or bravery?  Those inquiries are a little [...]

November 7, 2012 News, SIMGEssentials

Strange Bedfellows: “So Many Details (Remix)” by Toro Y Moi feat. Hodgy Beats

Back In July, a new roughly recorded studio track emerged from the laboratory of Toro Y Moi titled “Hey You,” featuring the latter’s infectious back beats underneath a series of snarling verses via Odd Future  poster-child Tyler, The Creator…and it [...]

November 7, 2012 Features, SIMGEssentials
Elevator Art Portrait by Comic Book Afterlife

SIMGEssentials: Elevator Art, Jon DeRosa, Dirty Ghosts,Vuvuzela, and I Used To Be A Sparrow

“Sunday Jealous” by Jon DeRosa Jon DeRosa is a living, breathing, gateway to a simpler time in the Jersey Shore’s musical history, reaching back into the annals of our culture when artistic scenes resided, not in boardwalk-based clubs and locales, but [...]

November 5, 2012 Features, SIMGEssentials