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Cathedral Bells Shares Their Debut Single “Homebody”

Brielle Schiavone September 4, 2018 News No Comments

Cathedral Bells

Moving back to your hometown as an adult is a pretty surreal experience of which artist Matthew Messore explores in his first single as Cathedral Bells. “Homebody” is a whirring piece of understated shoegaze that blends plenty of elements to lose oneself in without hitting you over the head with massive, fuzzed-out guitars. There’s a lot going on under the surface both in sound and themes as Messore explains:

“‘Homebody’ came from a lot of different feelings that I was faced with when returning home. I wanted to touch on the comforts of home and also the insanity that can come with being shut-in and the contrast between the feelings of comfort/safety and the loneliness and almost claustrophobic thoughts that ensue.

Stream Cathedral Bells’ “Homebody” below and be sure to follow the band here for more.

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