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Interview: Circa Survive Talk Descensus, Sumerian Records, & New Recording Processes

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Circa Survive

Last year, long running rockers Circa Survive enjoyed a re-birth of sorts, releasing the critically acclaimed Descensus. It’s a rarity that bands entering their second decade drop a record that finally crosses over more into the mainstream with performances slotted for both weekends of this year’s Coachella.

Speak Into My Good Eye caught up with Circa Survive guitarist Colin Frangicetto to talk more about the changes leading up to Descensus and what to expect in 2015.

Descensus is a beautifully dark and aggressive record, was there anything that sparked that kind of aggression in your sound?

Thank you. I personally think all of our records are somewhat aggressive depending on how you define that word, I think its always been a part of our sound. With that said there was plenty of fuel for this album emotionally… We all had quite a bit of personal and collective struggles preceding this album.

Anthony Green mentioned in a past interview that Descensus is the closest record that reflects the full potential of Circa Survive, what is it about this record that makes it close to Circa’s full potential?

Well you’d have to ask him as far as what he meant by that but I think every record is us getting more comfortable and confident than the previous one.

How long did it take you to write Descensus?

Technically it took 10 years to be able to make a record like Descensus. The only one of us to actively write anything significant before the 5 weeks we spent in the studio was Brendan. He wrote quite a bit of excellent instrumental ideas then there were a couple of older unused ideas that were reborn and rebuilt but other than that the majority of this album came together in the studio.

Your music video for “Schema,” the giant man baby beating up Anthony Green may or may not have given me nightmares for the next week. What was your idea behind the video?

The idea was to do something strange and less of a “look at how cool we are” typical rock video.

While working with producer Will Yip in the studio, was there something new you tried on this record that was out of your comfort zone?

It was the first time we went into the studio without having the majority of the album written and rehearsed so it was exciting to build the songs together with Will. We were all very comfortable with that tho, excited even.

How has being signed to Sumerian Records impacted Circa Survive?

It’s been fun. Hasn’t really impacted us in a dramatic way to be honest. It was for the most part a one off deal with us having total creative control so there’s no huge change happening to us as a result, at least not yet.

What’s the reaction to your new music been like from your live audience?

So far it seems that they’ve been pretty into it. We’ve only done one tour on the album so far but the crowds have been extremely receptive to the new songs.

Can we expect a show in NJ anytime soon?

Probably :)

What’s next for Circa Survive?

More touring than a break than probably another album. You really never know though. Life is unpredictable.

Circa Survive

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