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Citris Shares New Single “Driving Me Crazy”

Juliana Todeschi February 12, 2018 News No Comments


If you didn’t end up marrying the first person you ever had some sort of romantic feelings for (good for you?), you have for sure lingered on the thought of past flames anywhere from crushes to actual relationships. Each story has its own sort of set of colors of emotions associated with it, hopefully, informing the partner or lifestyle choice you ultimately commit to.

That sort of internal wrangling is at the heart of Brooklyn-based rockers Citris’ excellent new single, “Driving Me Crazy.” As NPR noted beautifully, the track “feels like three songs stitched together from the pieces of a broken heart.”

Angelina Torreano (vox, guitar) opens the song somewhat plaintively winding an acoustic guitar up and holding her shit together before letting it all out in the chorus with towering riffs. It all eventually intertwines and builds towards a powerful crescendo which leaves you a little crossed eyed and gut-punched perfectly conveying our protagonist’s inner-turmoil. Torreano details “Driving Me Crazy” in full below the embed.

Stream Citris’ “Driving Me Crazy” and stream/buy Panic in Hampton Bays out now via New Professor Music here.

“‘Driving me Crazy’ is about the attack on your ego and self-esteem after experiencing rejection from a partner,” shares Torreano. “It’s also about having a definitive ending but still feeling unresolved. It’s a very classic theme of the death of romance and how unsettling it can be and how there are so many questions left unanswered.

I had an experience with a dude who hit on me during a show upstate and he wrote me this really sweet ‘Love’ poem after seeing our show. We eventually dated, for a month or so and I kept receiving love poems from him that at first, really freaked me out. I eventually grew to really like him but then of course once I started liking him, he freaked out.

Long story short, things ended because of how emotionally overwhelming everything was becoming. But when you’re constantly writing poetry to your ‘lover’ aren’t you kind of begging for that kind of intensity in reciprocity?

So in an effort to release hurt feelings, I smoked some weed and wrote ‘Driving Me Crazy.’ Marijuana is a really great asset to breakups as well.

I think it’s important to me because the whole experience was really upsetting. Even though it was short, it reminded me of how, even though a lot of the time I feel I have this hard exterior, I am actually quite vulnerable. And ultimately, It’s a relief. So yeah, like I said, I was hurt and stoned and in my living room at 1 or 2 am messing around with some major 7 chords and DMC was born. I remember my roommate imitating the chorus line back to me from his room. I felt like that was a good sign.”

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