SIMGE Singles: Code Pie Bakes the Universe with “Body”

Tara Tomaino November 22, 2013 News No Comments

CPMontreal-based Indie-Pop sextet Code Pie was originally baked from leader singer Enzo Palermo’s oven.  Starting in early 2000, Palermo mixed the crust of the outfit with dashes of his personal recordings.  After finding his filling with guitarist Salvatore Ciolfi, the duo sprinkled bits of Vince Varano (drums) and Michel Semienchuk (bassist), eventually serving Eva Boodman (trumpet) and Rebecca Lessard (cello/keys/vocals) alongside their “pie”.

Their latest confection, “Body”, joins the rest of Code Pie’s catalog, dating as early as 2005’s This Habit.  In “Body”, Palermo’s voice is a lazy, partly- sunny day, slowly casting a flicker of warmth to the track.  Varano, with a continual tapping of “tocks”, melts behind the fanfare of Lessard’s futuristic chords.  The single exhibits a great amount of  vertical space, as if each musician is building on top of the other like a massive Jenga game to the heavens.

Finally, there is a sense of epic wonderment in the breakdown.  It is the soundtrack to a mobile, inflatable planetarium nestled in a elementary school gym; horns and keys the remote planets we studied in fourth grade and a simple bass-line connecting all the transparent constellations.

Make sure you check out Code Pie’s ,”Body”, below:

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