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Cold Fronts, The Battery Electric, Julian Fulton & The Zombie Gospel, The Guru, & toilet. Played Red Bank Rehearsal Studio

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Cold Fronts

Last Saturday night, Red Bank Rehearsal Studio boasted a completely stacked line-up of hometown heroes: The Battery Electric, Julian Fulton & The Zombie Gospel and toilet., and also gave a customary warm NJ welcome to The Guru of Connecticut and Cold Fronts of Philadelphia, PA.

The night began as any good party should, with the christening of the first of multiple kegs and toilet. kicking off the musical stylings with their sounds of debauchery and profanity.

toilet. is a group with plenty of past musical projects under their belt, but it seems like this time they are doing it entirely their own way, skipping on the poetics to get down to the real issues: Getting Stoned, getting laid and getting some well-deserved cred.

“This song is about fucking someone who’s cooler than you,” is how they introduce the song “What A Babe,” the only song they still play off their previous release “Pass The Bowl.”

The lyrics follow suit with their 100% honesty policy: “I am fucking a professional (you’re a classy bitch).”

Keep a look out for these dudes toking up at a show near you, their new EP “Music to Sit On the Couch To” will take to the streets in the upcoming months and we should expect that it’s just as explicit as “Pass The Bowl.”

Next up was The Battery Electric, who really took 2013 by storm, going from humble beginnings to being the face of good ol’ fashioned rock-and-roll in their hometown, Asbury Park. They have certainly earned their title! These guys never deny the opportunity to kick up the energy in the room, frequently tearing up SIMGE sponsored “Happy Mondays” at The Wonder Bar.

Power stances and gravity-defying-hair-whips aside, The Battery Electric is all about the freedom to turn up. After their sweep of the Asbury Park Music Awards, it’s expected that we will be seeing much more from them in 2014.

Moving right along, The Guru took to the stage in a constantly quirky fashion, with Drummer and Lead singer, Eddie Golden flashing a little nip and quickly jumping into the music.

The Guru released their most recent album “Go Easy,” perfectly emulating their free-form surf-rock spirit. We were even treated to a couple new tunes, this time around (possibly an album in the works? We HOPE). With some serious electric guitar skills, The Guru got everyone filling their red solo cups, grabbing their ladies and swaying to the sounds from these coastal CT boys.

By this time, everyone was feeling a bit tipsy, but not Julian Fulton or his Zombie Gospel, because they were impossibly on point.

We’ve always loved J. Fulton & The Z. Gospel, ever since they began bringing out hoards of fans dressed as the undead in the days of their first EP, “Heart and Arms.” Since then, they’ve truly grown into one of the most notable female-male dual-vocalist groups in NJ.

Julian expressed interest in gathering up some musicians willing to hit the road and take their zombie gospel on tour, and judging by the crowd bumping along to their soulful indie-rock at Red Bank Rehearsal Studios, they should have no problem taking the rest of the country by storm. Here’s to hoping that they name their excursion “The Touring Dead.”

Closing out the night, Philly boys, Cold Fronts, hit us with their take on what they refer to “the basics: guitars, vocals, drums, bass. The effects are turned off and the outcome is raw, personable, and honest,” as described on their Bandcamp page. The result of this brings us some easy-on-the-ears foot-tapping DIY pop-rock.

While they do not have any flashy or fly special effects, they are through-and-through musicians, truly enjoying what they’re doing. We’d sure hope they’re having as good of a time as us fans, considering this was just one stop on their on-going winter tour.

A big thanks to those that put this one together, and to Red Bank Rehearsal Studios for throwing a great show and bringing together a great gathering of people to drink beer and dance our asses off and also, to make the best of a freezing saturday night in January.

For more pictures and thoughts from the show head over to and follow The Be Word.

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