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Coma Cinema Previews New LP With The Lonely Pain Of “Virgin Veins”

Allyson Dwyer June 10, 2013 News No Comments

Coma Cinema

Mat Cothran is from Spartanburg, South Carolina, and he brings from there a gentle sadness through his musical outlet Coma Cinema. The group has been conjuring up moody, bitingly honest indie-pop music since Cothran was 15, and have released three records since 2009. Coma Cinema’s newest album, Posthumous Release, comes out on June 11th on vinyl through Fork & Spoon Records, and on cassette through Orchid Tapes.

Available now to preview off the forthcoming album is the stellar track “Virgin Veins”. The song’s most immediate surprise is its clear production, which starts with the searing strumming of an acoustic guitar, a lazily rolling drum beat, and Matt’s scratchy but pure voice. He sings, calmly and honestly, such lyrics as “the heart is a monument to a childhood of abuse/a quiet suffering that knows no one wants you.” As the song hits a chorus of “so lonely/so ugly/and confused,” his voice is paired with faint but supportive backing vocals. An electric guitar wanders in to really draw home the loneliness that this track evokes.

Mirroring that sudden jolt of pain and sadness we all get sometimes, the song is short, to the point, and ends with no big finale. It’s a track that mostly drifts, as it leaves you with a sense that perhaps what connects all of us together most of the times are those random, inexplicable bouts of depression. But they make it sound so good.

Stream “Virgin Veins” below:

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