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Darksongs 2 by Jeremy Benson (The Roadside Graves)

Matt Ascone May 5, 2012 New Music No Comments

Jeremy Benson  knows his fair share of pain. Broken relationships, disappointment…it’s all covered in the form of Benson’s second solo effort, Darksongs 2. The album’s May 7th release will come eight years after the songsmith’s solo debut Darksongs. The time in between has been spent touring the country as a multi-instrumentalist for indie folk-rock band Roadside Graves.

There is a sincerity in Benson’s voice when he urges you to emerge from the rising titular waters of the album’s second track, “Under the Flood.” His voice is drenched with emotion as he makes his plea.

Benson’s painful emotions continue to flow: “When all your friends abandon you/when things get rough/take care of yourself like you would the ones you love,” he begs in “The Ones You Love.”

Benson is able to evoke emotion without words as well. On the album’s opening number “Ditty in G,” Benson paints a picture of a peaceful countryside, while upon “Stinger,” his impressive ability to create so much passion without uttering a single word captivates.

However, Benson is at his lowest point, fittingly, at the end of this record. “How long was I sleeping for?” he ponders in a mournful croon on “The Latern Song.” Like a true country boy who’s been down this trail one too many times, Benson doesn’t bother to wait around where he knows he’s not wanted. I already know the way.”

MUST HEAR TRACK: “The Lantern Song” is Benson’s most melancholy lament.

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