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Deal Casino Release 3 Song EP, Human Cannonball // Watch The Video For Title Track

Phil Shepherd December 2, 2016 New Music, News No Comments

Deal Casino

One of my favorite things that comes out of being a scene surveyor is to see music mature from its infancy to its production. Of course to track this you must take in a set from the band periodically both in and out of their comfort zones.

When I first heard the songs off of Deal Casino‘s new EP Human Cannonball, I admit I was a bit confused towards the direction they were embarking upon. The live energy was still high in abundance but the arrangements were a bit more subdued than we were used to hearing. As time passed, and they became clearer, and listening to them now, in their completion, we find the music from our favorite locals maturing into multilayered creations.

Retaining the passion and edginess that the guys have become known for, Human Cannonball is another beauty from the guys who left it all out there to make music their business.

Watch the video for the title track and stream Human Cannonball on Spotify or Soundcloud. Deal Casino will be playing House of Independents Dec 4 along with Young Rising Suns.

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